Following our various meetings and conversations, the Council met this week to discuss the best path forward for us as a congregation.  While much of the congregation is excited about exploring the potential opportunities before us, others have great concerns. As such, it has become clear to us after much prayer, discernment and conversation that having a vote on the Council's motion tomorrow is not in our collective best interest.  It is not necessary at this point of the process, as was mentioned last week, and what was intended as a "taking the temperature" of the congregation, has to some extent turned too divisive.  That was certainly not the intent of the motion, or something that will be productive to our moving forward together.  

Our building has many issues, and over the past two weeks we've presented some potentially exciting albeit challenging opportunities.  The Council strongly believes we need to explore these opportunities, and to take seriously our long term building needs.  Moving forward your elected Council will be setting up committees who will be tasked to explore our options, and address many of the questions raised. We welcome your participation and involvement in this process.  

Thank you again to all who participated in the discussions these past two weeks and for your care and commitment to our congregation.  We look forward to the work ahead of us, guided by the Holy Spirit. 

There will be no meeting or vote tomorrow morning at 10am, however we will gather for fellowship and coffee.
                                                                                           - Your Council