Staying Connected + Staying Safe
A note from MennoMedia Executive Director, Amy Gingerich 

People in our churches want to feel connected. Amid rising concerns around the coronavirus, we at MennoMedia want to make it as easy as possible for your congregation to study and worship together—even from afar.

Some congregations are cancelling services and many people are choosing to stay at home as the virus spreads. You’ll find this week’s Adult Bible Study Online Column and Rejoice! daily devotional linked below for free, among other resources.

Each week during this outbreak you’ll receive these and other free resources from MennoMedia as a way to help people in your church stay connected.

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Planning for Sunday School Amid Church Closures

Shine curriculum has you covered with FREE resources for families to use amid church closures.


Voices Together Worship and Prayer Resource

As Voices Together is undertaking permissions work (seeking copyright contracts) in this period between January and June, we offer a song and a worship resource that may speak into the disorientation of these days of COVID-19.

Click the link below for more information, as well as an audio recording and FREE downloadable resource.
Click here to download this free Voices Together worship and song resource

Adult Bible Study

Session 5, “Leading Justly,”  March 29, 2020

What can the Old Testament prophets teach us about God’s call for justice in the conduct of human affairs?  Amos, Habakkuk, Micah, and Malachi saw that God’s laws require justice for the poor and the oppressed. Malachi 2–3 focuses on the responsibility of leaders to practice justice.

Click here for the March 29 Adult Bible Study Lesson
Online Column
Each week MennoMedia publishes an online column to accompany the Adult Bible Study lesson. Click the button below to view the column for this week written by Kim Ferris.
Click here for this week's Online Column.
Rejoice! Daily Devotional
During this difficult time we will be making each week's Rejoice! daily devotional available, free of charge. Click the button below to download the devotional for this coming week.
Click here to download this week's Rejoice! daily devotional.
Weekly Prayer
Click below to view and download a weekly prayer selected from Take Our Moments and Our Days.
Click here to download this week's prayer.
Resources for Congregations
The Beyond Our Fears curriculum was originally created in 2009, but the content is just as relevant today. 
Click here to download the FREE curriculum.    •   •   800-245-7894