August 2018


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Reservoir Remains Nearly Full Despite Dry July 


The month of July was a little warmer than average, but very dry. Despite generally below-average streamflow in the upper Henry's Fork watershed (above Ashton), natural streamflow gain in the river between Henry's Lake and Island Park has been steadily increasing since early July and is now right at average, compared with 74% of average at this time last year. This steady increase in streamflow gain indicates recovery of Big Springs and other groundwater springs from the 2013-2016 drought.

For details, click HERE to read Rob’s blog.

To receive Rob’s daily water-supply reports, email him at

What You Might Have Missed: Special Highlight

The Great Spring Sediment Flush of 2018
This year's spring rains brought the highest spring runoff flows in 7 years to the upper Henry’s Fork watershed. HFF's network of water quality monitors showed that these flows were strong enough to provide a major springtime sediment flush from the river between Island Park Dam and Pinehaven—a natural rhythm of our local hydrology that provides significant benefit to trout and aquatic insect habitat. 

It is important to remember that the benefits to insect and trout habitat we predict would not occur as early as this year. For instance we expect to observe next year that the cleaner gravel has resulted in higher relative numbers of fine-intolerant species of mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies and lower amounts of midges, worms, and Brown Drakes, which favor fine substrate, from Last Chance to Riverside. We also expect cleaner gravel to benefit trout spawning success, but we won’t be able to detect this for a couple of years to come, while we continue to work to achieve optimum wintertime flows to help these fingerlings survive to become fishable age/size trout. The springtime flush was a large alteration to a natural system, and thus will have several short-term and longer-term impacts, some easy to predict and others surprising. However, we expect the longer-term impacts to be beneficial for insect and trout populations.

Read more HERE.

Saying Farewell to the Summer Intern Class of 2018

It's amazing how quickly time flies. It feels like summer only just began, and yet this year's summer interns are preparing to return to school after 10 weeks on the Henry's Fork. Summer interns from Colgate University, St. Lawrence University, Washington & Lee University, and Stanford University spent the summer working on projects ranging from water quality monitoring and economic values surveys to studying fish habitat variances throughout the Henry's Fork and developing prioritization models in support of HFF's water marketing program.

You can learn more about their experiences this summer by following the intern blog.

New HFF Community Campus in the News

The Henry's Fork Foundation Community Campus was made possible by generous contributions from private individuals and foundations like the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and CHC Foundation. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Open House in June and we hope you'll continue to visit us year-round. The Community Campus is open from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Enjoy exhibits on local history, fly-fishing, and the aquatic web of life, as well as two fresh-water aquariums and a virtual reality drift boat experience.

Click HERE to check out the Community Campus in the news. 

View HFF's video from the Open House HERE

Another Exciting Year for Youth Education

With the summer of 2018 came the conclusion of another exciting spring filled with learning for the fifth graders at Ashton Elementary. HFF’s Trout in the Classroom program kicked off the year in January with the delivery of 60 Rainbow Trout eggs provided by Idaho Fish and Game. Students were enthusiastic about hatching and caring for their young trout, while learning the importance of water quality parameters such as temperature and dissolved oxygen. From trout biology and physiology to the aquatic web of life that makes up a stream ecosystem, students were immersed in a variety of interactive lessons and fun-filled activities. While participating in a somewhat smelly day of fish dissections, one student was surprised to learn that, in Idaho, the Mountain Whitefish is a native fish and is even a part of the same Family as a trout or salmon. To end the year, students embarked on a field trip where they released their newly raised trout at Harriman State Park and toured the Buffalo River fish ladder in Island Park. Of course, we hope this new understanding of the fish life cycle and stream ecology will help individuals bloom as a young angler when they have the opportunity to pick up a Rod and Reel.

Stay posted for a recap of our annual Youth on the Fly event in which local guides from outfitters such as TroutHunter, Henry’s Fork Anglers, Three Rivers Ranch, Big Sky Anglers, and Teton Valley Lodge volunteer their time and resources to provide the participants of Trout in the Classroom a shot at catching a fish on the fly.