CONGRATULATIONS! Valentine's Day 2017 is almost here and it looks to be a thoroughly local and SLOW one for you and your flowers.
Celebrate your success AFTER Valentine's Day and invest in professional development for you, your brand and business
I hope you can join me in Seattle, March 6-7
at the Slow Flowers Creative Workshop.
Read on for more details! Warmly, Debra
Develop your "Floral Narrative" at the Slow Flowers Creative Workshop


Join Anne Bradfield, Jason Miller and me for a special two-day Slow Flowers Creative Workshop

Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6

Floressence Studio in Seattle

I am excited to share Slow Flowers' florist-focused curriculum to help your “floral memoir” storytelling for web and digital media (including on camera). I've taught this workshop in Santa Cruz, Sonoma County and Raleigh, North Carolina and have had numerous requests to lead the workshop in the Pacific Northwest.

The format’s success allows non-writers to unlock their voice using techniques and exercises to communicate your values, mission, brand and aesthetic. The workshop is designed to give you more tools in your toolbox for everything from blogging and newsletter-writing to handling media interviews.

One of the very special elements of our workshop is the addition of video and audio interviews. We’ve asked Jason Miller, who has a background in film and documentary production, to partner with Anne and me.

Thanks to Jason's talents, you will leave our workshop having filmed a 1- to 2- minute autobiographical interview that depicts your floral design aesthetic/style, as you tell your story as a creative individual.

Personally, I’m excited to have a short clip that I can use on my web site, on social media, and to share with potential clients. I think you will be, too.

All the details are listed below, as well as the schedule.

On Day One, we’ll get down and dirty with our powers of observation, description, memoir- and narrative-writing.

On Day Two, Anne will lead our floral design exercise, sharing her story and creative philosophy to get us started on an arrangement that expresses individual style.

Jason will be on hand and behind-the-scenes, capturing lovely footage that will ultimately be edited into his final video for your use.

We are extending a special rate of $995 to members of the Greater Seattle Floral Association and members of Slow Flowers. We believe this is incredible value for content developed specifically for you, including original, professionally-produced videography with music and graphics. We are also happy to arrange a three-part payment plan for your budgeting purposes.

For more details,

Contact Anne at: 206-286-7850 or

Or Debra at: 206-769-8211 or

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More about the Creative Workshop
Kate Rowe of Aztec Dahlias, writing her floral memoir

Susan Chambers of bloominCouture, during her on camera interview

This valuable experience is designed to help you clarify, document and communicate your personal artistic messaging as a floral/creative professional. In a safe, supportive and intimate setting, our small group will spend 48 hours focusing on YOU! We'll go deep into Slow Flowers "brand building" as each participant finds his or her own voice as a floral storyteller.

Here is what we will cover:

  • Evoke and express your personal story as a creative individual
  • Play with words to describe the natural world's color, texture and form
  • Tell your Flower Memoir as Metaphor for your Brand
  • Flex your Sensory Muscles
  • Enhance your brand with key distinctives in words and images that define you
  • Storytelling on camera for unique online content
  • Storytelling in a media pitch -- learn how to be a resource for targeted       media
  • Storytelling on the Slow Flowers Podcast
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