Perennial SALE!
Just in time for some 'slightly' cooler is the perfect time to plant shrubs and reap BIG rewards next spring!
News from Bartlett's Farm To Go
New Curbside Grocery Hours
Effective August 24th
Our pickup hours will be 11 am-6 pm daily
Please allow 6 hours lead time for your order.
Please contact customer service with any questions,
we can be reached at 508-228-9403
Grocery Substitutions Improvement
We have expanded your options for substitutions on our To Go Site. If that flavor of Dom's is non-negotiable but any Jeni's Ice Cream flavor will do, now you can let us know at checkout!
New to Curbside?
Let Us Do the Shopping! 
Signing up is quick and easy and for a small processing fee ($8), we will shop, bag up, ring out and deliver your grocery order curbside. Add Bartlett's branded clothing, frozen foods, beer and wine, (even plants!) to your order.
Good, Green, Local. 
The time to savor summer produce IS NOW! September is right around the corner, which means anything (weather-wise) can happen. Don't take for granted that our cherry tomatoes will be here next time you shop, or that the corn recipe you've been wanting to try can wait until next week. Our summer veggies will never be more bountiful than they are right now. So get out the canning jars and freezer bags (whatever you use to preserve the harvest), those recipes languishing in the drawer, and head to the Farm for the freshest produce our fleeting summer has to offer. 
Tomatoes and Corn in a tart? Heck yes! Chickpeas for protein and halved grilled peaches shine in these recipes below. Click the pics for more...
Our Small (But Mighty!) Meat Case
Grass Fed, Pasture-Raised. Quick, Convenient & Delicious!
Strauss Ground Beef and burgers are the real deal. We also have a great selection of grass fed beef from burgers to rib eyes, strips and skirt steak. Dom's, of course, make a twice weekly appearance and arrive every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.
The Farm's kitchen is also using Dom's Original Marinade on some of the steak tips they have in the deli case.  Make a batch of rice and home, grab some protein from one of our cases and dinner is served!                         
New to the Grill? 
Check out our Grilling Guide for grilling tips, temps and times. Even learn to grill pizza!  
To Have & To Hold...
...And To Keep Your Drink Cold!
Bartlett's 16 oz coozies to sip and chill. 
 Find them in the Beer department!
Hard Cider, As American as Apple Pie
'The cultivation of apples for cider, and in its alcoholic form hard cider, is a Northeastern tradition that harks all the way back to the Mayflower, with records of apple saplings being kept alive on ships destined for America.'
Check out our fresh picks for cider this week!
New & Restocked; Gifts for Everyone!
Based in Elmira, NY, Paint the Town has produced custom products for over 20 years. Their soapstone coasters have become a local favorite! With 12 custom designs, we have plenty of options to choose from. Pick up a few of the same or mix and match for a personalized set. Coasters make a great hostess gift or souvenir!
Our beach corner is colorful and fun, ready and waiting with great beach toys and games, waterproof speakers, chairs and floaties for the best days by the water!
August is Eat Local Month 
August is 'Eat Local MA' Month!
Eat Local MA is a statewide campaign that is supporting food security for Massachusetts residents during the Covid-19 pandemic and promotes the benefits of sourcing food from within our local food system. Check out the new Mass grown app for a complete list of Mass farms! It's pretty neat!
The Eat Local MA mobile app shows you where the local food is in your area.  Download the free mobile app on iOS and Android stores, and begin finding local food and farms on Nantucket and beyond!

Staying A little Longer this Year?