Dear <FNAME>,

First of all, thank you for being one of our community and  a VIP Member. We are so grateful to have your presence with us for this time, for the years that you've been with us and forward into the year to come. Thank you.

2020 will see many welcome changes! It will also have changes that are necessary, but not as "hip hip hooray!"

One of the necessary changes afoot for SWERVE is a shift in our membership template. We have contemplated how to best serve you as well as our studio considering rising costs and output and have come up with a solution that will not raise your basic membership fee, but will alter the way your membership is fulfilled.

The Unlimited Membership will no longer be available as of 2020. Instead, all VIP Members will be transitioned into 1-Class-Per-Day Members. You can still take additional classes in a single day, as you wish, however these additional classes will have an additional cost of $8 per class.

We will have your new membership agreement ready for you to read, review, and have your questions answered this month before we transition in February. We also have a variety of other choices for your SWERVE visits. However, once you do the calculations, you will see that memberships are the least costly and the best price per class available. We hope that you will continue forward with SWERVE in good health and good faith, knowing that we value your patronage. We also continue forward with our commitment to provide you with the most welcoming environment, a strong community of healthy happy open productive people, and the best classes that Los Angeles has to offer. We hold true to our mission, to spread love.