Sometimes God asks big things of us. Suppose God asked you to give the little that you have and you do give it.

That is what the widow of Zarephath did. Fr. Mike tells the story of this wonderful lady who lived in the north (present day Lebanon) at the time of the prophet Elijah. As you may remember, Elijah was the only prophet of Yahweh. Most of the country worshiped the god called Baal. Elijah had left his own country and so was lonely and without provisions. He met this widow and asked her for water and flour cakes. 

In great generosity she gave him all she had for herself and her only son. Lo and behold! God blessed her abundantly with food for the rest of her life. Her only son dies and guess what happens?

Fr. Mike compares this story to the ones in the New Testament about the widow of Naim and the story of Lazarus.
He then talks about how this story affects us today. How do we care for widows and widowers today? What can we do to help them? What is the reality of our nursing homes? Is there a limit to our generosity?

Fr. Mike also spends some time talking about how God loves all people and the ramifications of that in our modern world.

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About 700 BC a beautiful woman, Susanna, the wife of Joakim, was subjected to two old men, voyageurs, who tried to catch her with their lust.

This story of Susanna, was excluded from the Protestant canon, but included in the Septuagint. So Catholics can find it in their bible.

Fr. Mike dramatically tells this story of two elders who wanted Susanna to lie with them. She resisted even though she knew that she would be punished, even killed, because these men were powerful in the village. Who would believe her? They testified that she and a young man had committed a sin in the garden and should be condemned to death. A young man, Daniel, came and questioned each elder alone. He was able to catch them in their lies.

Fr.Mike highlights the issues brought up by this story: honesty, sins of religious leaders, and the beauty of death. He also poses questions for discussion, including pornography and who is attractive to you.

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