Being A Welcoming Church

We're taking it to the next level with our new class, "Do I know you?" Awkward Church Encounters Made Easy.

We all want Advent to be a welcoming congregation--especially if someone else is doing the welcoming! However, studies show that the most effective element for bringing visitors back to church is a connection made by someone in the congregation who is not a pastor. That means it's on us.  

How can we transcend our social phobias and get comfortable with reaching out to the newcomer? Let experienced Advent greeters Ricki Ravitts and Hans Kriefall walk you through a pain-free -- and fun! -- tutorial that will help you live out the "welcome" in Advent's mission. And as a special bonus, we'll teach you some strategies to help you find the courage to confess to that person you've chatted with for 6 months that you still haven't learned her name!

Join us Sunday, May 8 at either 10:10am or 12:10pm in the basement fellowship hall for this fun new learning experience.
Congregational Council Update

Don't miss our Council update to the congregation this Sunday, April 24 at 10am in English, and in Spanish after 12:45pm worship.

We adjourned our 2016 Annual Congregational Meeting with a great deal of exciting changes and challenges ahead in this time of transition. The Congregational Council heard the request from members for more frequent updates throughout the year. On Sunday, April 24 the congregational update will focus primarily on our financial matters, and providing information related to the current budget and special accounts. There will also be a brief update on the Call Process, and one from the new Financial Stewardship Task Force.
Thank You for Your Responses

We are so grateful for huge number of responses to our Congregational Profile Survey. It's truly powerful to see this congregation so engaged in our mission and future. Our Self-Study Task is carefully reviewing all the responses and working hard to complete our "Ministry Site Profile" so we can move on to the next step in the Call Process!
Congregational Retreat

Learn more about our upcoming retreat at the Retreat Ice Cream Party at 12:10pm Sunday, May 1 in the basement fellowship hall.

It's time to register for our Congregational Retreat on the weekend of June 3-5. This retreat, held each year at Koinonia Retreat Center in Upstate New York, has proven to be a thoroughly restorative and bonding experience for the group. The retreat theme this year is "Unplug | Reconnect." We'll be exploring the various ways we are connected to our families, friends, communities, congregation, and the world. Registration forms and details are now available at worship, on our website, and in this e-letter. Click the buttons below to learn more and register online. Or get more information, register, and eat ice cream with us on Sunday, May 1!
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Mission of the Month

Our April Mission Envelope supports Lutheran Ministries in Higher Education and its two ministries for college students in NYC: The Vine NYC and LaMP.

These new, growing programs are reaching college students--and engaging them in community and faith--in fresh and exciting ways. On Sunday, April 10 we heard from Allison Semrad, a graduate student at Columbia, about how The Vine NYC and LaMP keep her connected to her faith and a Christian community. You can support LMHE through donations of funds or of time. If you would like to help serve pancakes at their upcoming Midnight Pancake Study Break on May 3rd, send an email to
Worship this Sunday

Gospel Text | John 13:31-35: Jesus predicts Peter's denial.
Preaching | Pastor Sarah Brown at 9am & 11am English worship, and Pastor Mills at 12:45pm Spanish worship
Presiding | Pastor Ann at 9am & 11am English worship and Pastor Mills at 12:45pm Spanish worship
Chorale | Sings at 9am Worship
Sunday School | Meets in the sanctuary at 10am
Congregational Update | Meets at 10:10am in English in the basement fellowship hall, and after 12:45pm Worship in Spanish in the sanctuary.
Congregational Lunch | 1:45pm lunch in memory of Mireya Camarena in basement
Programs this Week

Stay in the loop on all our regular, ongoing programs for families, youth, college students, young adults, adults, and the community this week.
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