Our extensive product line allows us to meet your needs - no matter what.
We strive to provide the products you need to remain competitive in a wide
variety of industries while never sacrificing quality.
We offer a number of thread sealants that cover a variety of applications. Find out more below on which one is right for the job!
The Green Stuff is a slow drying, soft setting, non-hardening pipe thread compound. It is a general purpose sealant, and especially excellent for use in food and water systems. It is lead free, anti-galling, non-corrosive, nontoxic, and will not harden in can.
Our White Stuff sealant is a soft setting PTFE based pipe thread compound. It will not transfer taste or odor to the system being sealed. It also carries NSF approvals for use in potable water applications!
In similar fashion to the White Stuff, the Heavyweight sealant is a PTFE based compound with a higher viscosity for a litte extra muscle when you need it. This soft setting sealant can be pressurized immediately with no setting time required. 
With a max temperature rating of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, our Hi-Temp sealant truly lives up to its name. This copper based anti-seize lubricant and thread sealant produces a permanent leak-proof metallic seal under pressure, yet prevents seizing, galling, freezing, and tearing, even under extreme conditions.
If you're looking for a fast drying and hard setting sealant the W.O.G. Plus is the one for the job. The hard setting nature allows it to remain flexible, so vibrations will not loosen the connection. It seals tightly but allows for disassembly without damage to parts.