Weekly Devotional by Phil Askey - April 29, 2020 

Another Covid-19 weekly devotional. Can’t escape the virus. It lurks, it hides, it inflames, it clots, it coats and it’s just creepy. Mainly it changes things. I denied it would effect me..at first. I’m healthy and don’t get sick except the health experts said I fell into the virus target zone of older man with issues (I have a heart stent). hummm. My wife Sandra works shifts at Research Hospital in KC as an RN and the local news said Research is the designation for confirmed Covid patients. hummm... Are you getting worried Phil? I respect social distancing rules which coincided nicely with my strong introvertness. Skipping hugs is easy as my family is scattered over the globe and at Saint Andrews, close mingling has gone taboo. Zooming is a form of close mingling but I haven’t got the hang of it.

No problem with the stay at home orders.  I can always turn to my jumbo smart TV in times of isolation and dreary weather. My TV comes with a remote begging to turn on live sports. Soothing to watch talented sports figures in combat. Go Chiefs! KU declaring it’s legit chances of Final Four victory! And then the screen went blank. No KU. No Masters. No Royals.  

The virus just hit me in my easy chair – the Boring-20 virus. Rick Heinze mentioned the phrase, Tune in, Turn on, Drop out in his devotional. Mine was Wake up, Turn over, Go back to Sleep.

Traveling is a way to connect and explore. Surely I can escape this pandemic with several upcoming trips. Unique and charming Charleston awaits as well as the last frontier Alaska. Reservations were all in order with N95 masks and latex gloves in the suitcase. And then reality struck. Closed signs everywhere. Even if the plane flies and lands safely, a possible 14-day quarantine awaits. My big adventures turned into a short hike to the phone to cancel everything. The travel folks on the other line are hurting too but they didn’t hesitate to credit or refund all my nonrefundable tickets.

Covid is wreaking jobs and the economy and  finances. Lifelines are being thrown everywhere if they can just figure out how to get money and help to the most needy. I wasn’t worried about my geologist contract work with oil companies as the oil business has always endured booms and busts. But this bust BOOMED! Having to pay a contractor $100 bbl to take crude oil off your well lease slams the door shut on drilling and oil contract work. Think Maxwell Smart going thru the tunnel of locking doors…ouch!

Of course the real tragedy of Covid and any virus pandemic is the loss of health and life. It’s global and no one is immune. I do pray for healing and recovery and I find solitude in reading including spiritual books such as Emmanuel’s Book that Jody Gyualy loaned me. Emmanuel says, “in turbulent times you tend to lose sight of the purpose of life. What better background for introspection, for exploring one’s own true beliefs, for following one’s own light and sharing it, than at times of seeming crises and peril.”   

So I’ve repositioned and renewed myself to Covid’s daunting direction. I’ve shared a bit by helping others with things like moving and household repairs and being there to connect.  Sandra and I have also been walking and biking a lot to keep moving and admire nature. It’s not at all boring but more a restructuring and following one’s own light and sharing it.

For a closing prayer, I ask for help and guidance of the higher spiritual plane for all of us as we work through this tunnel of Covid fear and changes so we can emerge with gratitude and renewed perspectives.

Phil has been a member of Saint Andrew for about 15 years and has admired all the folks who have journed through the many changes of the church.

Saint Andrew Pastoral Partners
The Saint Andrew Pastoral Partners offer support when you have joys and/or concerns to share, need prayers, or someone to talk to.  We also are available for hospital visits, reaching out to those that are in need or members we haven’t see in awhile, working with your Covenant Group and new members.

Some of our responsibilities include serving communion and sharing the Prayer of Thanksgiving.  We also help out with special services such as the Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunrise Service,  Remembrance Service and Christmas Eve Services.  

Each week we will list three of our Pastoral Partners. Please don’t hesitate to contact them!

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