Volume 7, Issue 12
December, 2014
Happy Holidays from CoachDeck!

We hope 2015 is the best year ever for you, your family, your teams and your organization. Thanks for all you do for youth sports in your community!

In this issue:
Have you ever said to your child, "I will talk to the coach?" You'll definitely want to read Tony Earp's third in a three-part series entitled, "Things My Mother Never Said to Me,". Brian Gotta writes that when it comes to choosing the type of league your child plays in, buyer beware. And if you thought that youth sports must choose between being fun or being competitive, you'll want to read John O'Sullivan's insightful article.

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Things My Mother Never Said to Me (3)
By Tony Earp 

As a soccer coach, I hear a lot of things said by parents to me or their kids that my mom never said to me growing up. I attribute my success on the field to my mom avoiding these comments and not allowing me to make excuses or justify disappointment in the wrong way. Below is a sample of comments I hear all the time. As a coach, I cringe every time I hear them. Maybe because I never heard them growing up from my mom. Here's one: "I will talk to the coach." Read Article
You Get What You Pay For
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I received two emails in the same week that were related. The first was from a parent who was seeking advice on how to handle her daughter's first-ever team sport experience in which the coaches only cared about winning and didn't let everyone play. The second was from a coach who was removed from his soccer team for focusing more on player development than winning. In both cases, I had a similar response: Read Article

FUN is NOT a 4-letter Word!
By John O'Sullivan 

When I was a kid, my parents taught me to avoid those bad four letter words we all have heard. You know the ones I mean, the ones that you would first hear in school and then think it was OK to use them at home, until you saw that look on dad’s face! My siblings and I learned pretty quickly that some four letter words were bad, and to be avoided at all times. In youth sports these days, there is a new four letter word in the mind’s of some competitive sports folks. It is F-U-N. The mere thought that sports can be competitive AND fun makes some people shudder, but it should not. Read Article