February 23, 2018
Week 1, Day 5
"Fasting" from: Water | Some strategies: shorter showers, don't leave the sink running, collect and reuse

In today's video, I reflect on my week using less water -- with a touch of comedy and bit of seriousness. Hopefully, it's something that will resonate with you.

Heads up: Next week we will be "giving up" plastic. So I recommend using this weekend to make sure you at least have two key items: a reusable bag and a reusable water bottle. And, think about a system so you don't them when you leave home or work (as I do way too often!).

How else could you fast from plastic next week? Let that question turn in your head for awhile. I'll share more ideas soon.


Today's Daily Action
Time: 5-15 minutes

Is there a way you can put your own needs or comfort in the back seat, to make time or space to love others today? Give it a try!
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