Volume 9, Issue 7
July, 2016
Greetings from CoachDeck!

How can it be nearly August already? We all know what that means: Scrambling to get teams formed, uniforms issued, fields ready, registrations finalized, coaches assigned and...coaches meetings organized. Want to absolutely fire up all of your volunteer coaches and make the meeting? Give each one of them their very own CoachDeck as a training tool, a thank-you...or both!

In this issue:
Rick Meana is back with an article that all parents of youth soccer players should heed. Don't be so sure you've heard this before. Brian Gotta wonders how some of the problems our society faces would play out on a youth sports team. And another great article by contributor Lee Taft might make you re-think some of the interactions you have with your youngsters.

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Is More Actually Better?
By Rick Meana

Nope, the direct opposite according to sports medicine doctors is actually the case. No two words have raised more concerns amongst those in the sports medicine field recently than overuse injuries.  Read Article
The Not-So-Great Divide
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I recently made a visit to Montgomery, AL to see my son play baseball. The town was filled with history, both from the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. Here was where Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat on the bus, where Martin Luther King, Jr. preached and led marches. Learning more about the events of those times made me wonder how much progress we've actually made in all of these years. Read Article

Youth Development in Sports
By Lee Taft

Our talks about Youth Development, in my opinion, need to be more focused on the mental side versus the physical side. Let me explain… Read Article​