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September 2018


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  • What Can Neuroscience Teach Us About Presenting?
  • Enhanced Communication Skills Key Success in Flatter Workplaces


As summer turns to fall, we see change all around us. Long, lazy summer days have yielded to much busier ones. Leaves turn color as they get ready to drop and be raked away. There’s a hint of chill in the air (depending on where you live.) And— the new iPhones have just come out.


This month, Apple—that trillion-dollar company—held one of its regular media events to announce the new line of products. We took a look at this highly structured, well-orchestrated event and discuss some of the factors that make it successful year after year. Then, we examine the flatter corporate structures that many of our clients now work within, highlighting the key role that communication skills can play in succeeding within those environments.


We also send our thoughts to friends and colleagues in the Southeast whose lives were upended by Hurricane Florence and the intense flooding left in its wake. May your recoveries be quick and complete.


What Can Neuroscience Teach Us About Presenting?

The good people at Apple, at their now-legendary product launch earlier this month, demonstrated how to use principles learned from neuroscience to hold the attention of their audiences by re-engaging them every ten minutes. We agree that it’s important to change your approach by using video, adding speakers or other techniques, but not if the segments are dry and boring.


Enhanced Communication Skills Key Success

in Flatter Workplaces

If you work in a relatively flat organization, you can expect to have multiple opportunities to excel. Developing stronger communication skills is critical in helping you express yourself, gain support and traction for your ideas, and lead your peers forward.


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