Thank you for your prayers for the Chi Alpha World Mission Summit as we joined 6,173 secular university students plus missionaries and AGWM leaders in Houston, Texas, along with an amazing team from Global TC. We returned home to snow, storms, and some significant changes in our upcoming schedule.

We will not be traveling to Chang Mai, Thailand in February. A decision was made to focus on a select meeting of strategic indigenous leaders. Please pray for this important training for Northern Asia.

We know God has open doors prepared for us and are waiting on Him for His direction. Join us to pray as we look forward to upcoming ministry in Syrian Refugee camps, with Garo, and TC Lebanon, the All Africa Leadership Summit in Rwanda in April and the Mission SOS in Madagascar June.

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God moved powerfully as 6,173 students from secular college campuses, involved in Chi Alpha (Christ Ambassadors) ministry were joined by over 1,000 missionaries and AGWM leaders to worship, pray and hear God's word. At our Global Teen Challenge exhibit booth and in the experience room, our GTC team prayed and shared


opportunities for missions with over 1,000 students.

The evening gatherings were saturated with power-packed praise and worship, supernatural ministry and amazing teaching. The command to "GO!" clearly came through every speaker. Over 1,600 students responded to the altar call to "Give a year, pray about a lifetime,"

We have vision for a great student awakening, sweeping the globe from this Summit . We see Spirit filled young men and women going forth, joining missionaries and Bible college graduates, from secular universities across the United States to impact this world with the good news of the Gospel.

A highlight for Cathy & I was Meal with a Missionary. We had four meals,each with a tableful of excited Chi Alpha students and leaders from campuses across America. We had a wonderful opportunity to sow into their lives, pray for them and minister prophetically into their future. Thank you for sending us.
TESTIMONY- Bernie Gillott

It was a Friday night, July 9, 1971.
I had just left the frat house after a rather raucous night of drinking and partying. On my way back to my dormitory, I passed out, face down on Railroad Street.  My first contact with Chi Alpha was when Hal and Billy found me on the sidewalk, lying face down in a pool of my own vomit. They picked me up, took me back to the dorm, cleaned me up and got me to my bed. The words they shared in the next 12 hours would change my life forever.
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  Chi Alpha had a profound impact on my life. Without XA men reaching out to me on the campus of Lock Haven State University, I seriously doubt if I would be walking with Jesus Christ today. They not only rescued me from a destructive life-style, but God laid a foundation for service and missions that has led Cathy and I to the role of Global Evangelism coordinators for Teen Challenge.

Please come on a trip around the globe with Cathy and I as we look back on an exciting year of ministry in 2016 and our missions with Global Teen Challenge on 5 continents. Rejoice in the miracles God has done and the blessings that are still ahead. Thank you for standing with us in prayer- these are your miracles.

Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? Psalm 2:1
I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.”
Psalm 2:6

Well, 2016 has come and gone. Are you glad it's over or sorry to see it go? Whether 2016 was a year of blessing or blasting, one inescapable fact is that 2016 is over and 2017 is before us, filled with opportunity. Whether you greet the new year with apprehension or excitement, the words of David are very important.


I have installed my King on Zion, my holy mountain.

So as people focus on the politics of Washington, the specter of global terrorism or concerns about the international geopolitical climate, I am focused on one thing,my King. I have installed Him on Zion.

The key to understanding whether you have established your king in Zion, is how you react when the promise of God comes under attack by circumstances. Moses realized that the presence of God was more important than the promise of God. And I said presence…not presents.

I'm glad that at the edge of the Red Sea,  Israel did not have to stop to determine whether a superstructure across the Red Sea was part of their five-year plan. They did not have to form a building committee, financing committee, engineering committee and develop an evacuation plan to get through the Red Sea, while the women of the church fought over the color of the bridge. God already had a plan and they did not have time for all of that. They just had to “Be still and see.” (Ex 14:13). The power is in trusting, even in the face of testing.

In the face of his own human failings, he said, "We will not go, if you do not go with us! When God says He will make a way--He will! And often our efforts to help Him are the greatest hindrances to the miracle coming to pass.

Abraham and Sarah, in their own time, both laughed when God said he would give them a son.  Their efforts to help God out, through Ishmael, left us an absolute mess that is still affecting the Middle East today.

While I understand the importance of “counting the cost” and planning, often the greatest hindrance to the move of God is my incessant desire to help Him to make it happen. When God gives you a promise, establish HIM as your king in Zion. Then trust Him and rest in his Presence, He doesn't need our help!

Man PrayingDr Nance is inviting TC leaders to the annual
Prayer Summit,
February 9-11. February 9 will kick off two days of 24 hour prayer, worship and intercession. We want to invite you to participate in 40 days of prayer with special prayer focuses and prayers of proclamation for each of those 40 days. You can be a part of the prayer summit by joining us via livestream.

It all began on February 9,1958, when God placed a burden on the heart of David Wilkerson to focus on prayer and spend less time watching TV. He put an advertisement in the newspaper to sell his TV and told the Lord that if it sold in the first 30 minutes after the newspapers hit homes, that he would know that it was God truly speaking to him to sell it. Before 30 minutes had passed, David Wilkerson received a call and sold his TV. This was the beginning of 19 days of prayer that led to the birth of Teen Challenge. If you cannot join us in person, we will stream the prayer time live worldwide.


We need 20-30 second video clips for Prayer Summit of answers to prayer. Close up-just head & shoulders-use your phone!
Your answer to prayer will build faith for someone else. For more, write to me at or Facebook messenger


We do not receive salary or travel reimbursement from Global Teen Challenge. Your donation is a reflection of His eternal gift. We thank you, but your gift is not for Cathy and me, but the lives that will be touched through the ministry as we continue. Your gifts help us to make it possible to share this glorious Good News around the world and to raise up workers for this amazing end-time harvest.


The gifts are opened, wrapping paper discarded and the celebration has passed. The real unwrapping begins only now. Our prayer for Christmas this year is to Unwrap Jesus-the greatest gift of all-in our lives. God gave me this song over a decade ago. The video production needs lots of work, but I just wanted to share this song because it is the message that counts.
May God UNWRAP HIS LOVE through our gifts of kindness and compassion throughout the year. He sacrificed so much to come -- Emmanuel-God with us.