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Fall Farm Talks Begin This Weekend
Saturday, September 18 10AM in the Hayloft
Joann Burnham's
last farm talk was so well attended, we asked her back for another! She will discuss and demonstrate
Easy and Delicious Raw Recipes from the Abundant Harvest
including how to incorporate more vegetables in your diet by juicing them with a recipe for "red sky at night" and making a delicious lasagna with zucchini noodles, basil pesto, and Heirloom tomatoes.
Saturday September 25 10AM
Liliana Dougan is the self-proclaimed 'Pasta Goddess.'
From Sustainable Nantucket's website, in her words..."I have been making fresh pasta since I was a little girl, but I started making gluten free pasta in February 2010. I make gluten free fresh pasta, using three different gluten free flours and two different gluten substitutes, I only use organic flours and eggs. I can make a number of different pastas, from ravioli stuffed with scallops to squid ink spaghetti and pappardelle."
What's Going on Around the Farm?
As the days and nights begin to cool off a little, fall crops begin to taste even better! Root crops especially take on a new depth of flavor. The beets this year have been phenomenal. Chef Neil's most recent recipe for beets can be found on our website
Dave's crew picked all the winter squash and pumpkins a few days ago...
...including the "Long Island Cheese" pumpkins that the kitchen crew uses for making pumpkin pies! The field tomatoes should hold out until Columbus Day which is when the fall crop of Greenhouse Tomatoes should be ripe!
Back by popular demand! Guess the weight of your pumpkin within a 10th of a pound and get it for free!! You'd be surprised how many people walk out with a free pumpkin!
We're running a canning special on tomatoes! This includes all plain red field tomatoes and they are outside the market.
Regular price $3.29. Buy 10 lb and get 50% off!
Mums, pansies and Fall Proven Winners are all looking terrific! You can find them in the garden center, just in time to replant your windowboxes for fall.
The kitchen has begun to offer hot lunch specials every day! To find out what the specials are each day, sign up for the daily lunch email using the sign-up box to the right.
Joann Burnham is still offering YogaFarm twice a week in the Hayloft. Practices are Thursdays at 5:30 and Sundays at 4pm.
Open Every Day
Seven Days a Week
What's Being Harvested?
red, yellow, heirloom, yellow cherry, red cherry
Peppers: green bell, purple bell, jalapeno, cubanelle
Watermelon: red, yellow, seedless
Beans: green and wax
Cabbage: green and red
Beets: bull's blood, striped, red, golden, white
Potatoes: red, white, yukon gold, fingerling
Field Greens:
nine lettuces, dill, cilantro
arugula, spinach, mesclun, microgreens, microcress, chives, mint, oregano,
italian parsley, curly parsley
rosemary, sage, tarragon,
thyme: lavender, lemon, english
lemon verbena.
Winter Squash: Butternut, Buttercup, Spaghetti
Lunch emails
Mj is going to start sending her daily lunch emails in September! Hot lunch specials started September 13th! The daily email will tell you the hot lunch special, what's at the counter, and what kind of muffins are freshly baked on any particular morning.
Be 'In The Know' and subscribe to the daily lunch email! You will love the quotes...
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