August 10, 2016
Upcoming Sandisfield
Conservation Commission Meeting
We have been told by people in Sandisfield that having us show up at the Conservation Commission meetings every month is incredibly helpful in the struggle to push back against Kinder Morgan/TGP’s proposed fracked gas pipeline loop. As people from all over Western MA have come to witness the meetings, we have been welcomed by the Con Com and our presence is noted by Kinder Morgan.

If you go, remember that these meetings, though public, are closed to public comments. Any questions need to be related directly to Conservation Commission business and should be minimal, if any. There is no need to speak, though. It is people showing up and showing that there is support for the Conservation Commission members' holding KM to the letter of the law and regulations that is really needed.

Tuesday, August 16
7:00 pm
Town Hall Annex
Sandisfield, MA

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In the Berkshire Gas Moratorium Zone?
Urge your state legislators to intervene
in Berkshire Gas docket at the DPU

At the urging of our Senator Rosenberg and Representatives Kulik and Mark, the Dept. of Public Utilities (DPU) has scheduled a hearing for August 30th, 7pm at the Greenfield Middle School on Berkshire Gas' recently filed "forecast and supply plan."

This is Berkshire's idea of how much gas they need and how they plan to supply it now that NED is DEAD. As we know, they have no Plan B which would allow the moratorium to be lifted. The best way for the people's best interests to be served is if we can get our legislators to intervene in the DPU proceeding.

The deadline for that is fast approaching on August 16th. 
(Two weeks before the Greenfield public comment hearing.) 

Reps. Kulik, Mark, Story, Scibak and Kocot all represent towns that are subjected to Berkshire Gas' moratorium.  Please contact Senator Rosenberg and your Rep, and ask them to formally intervene in the proceeding on behalf of you, their constituents. We need them to push Berkshire Gas for real solutions that are better for our climate -- creative expansion to energy efficiency programs, fixing the leaks, and targeted changes to their own systems, rather than waiting for another disastrous "Son of NED" fracked gas pipeline proposal from Kinder Morgan.

» DPU Notice of Filing, Public Hearing and Procedural Conference

Berkshire Gas DPU Hearings

Along with a hearing at Massachusetts DPU Headquarters in Boston, they will also be holding a Greenfield Hearing for Berkshire Gas’ Long-Range Forecast and Supply Plan. Meet the DPU to chime in on Berkshire Gas’ for their five-year forecast for 2016/17 through 2020/21. Please come to the Greenfield hearing, in the heart of the Moratorium-affected territory!

Boston, MA
August 23, 2016, at 2:00 p.m.
Department of Public Utilities
One South Station, 5th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts

Greenfield, MA
August 30, 2016, at 7:00 p.m.
Greenfield Middle School
195 Federal Street
Greenfield, Massachusetts

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» Read Berkshire Gas Long Range Forecast and Supply Plan
» Read DPU Notice of Filing, Public Hearing and Procedural Conference

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350 MA - Berkshires Node Picnic. (Day after the Conservation Commission Meeting!)
In lieu of the usual monthly meeting, 350 MA Berkshire will be having a picnic on Lower Spectacle Pond in Sandisfield. Our plan is for everyone to bring their own food and beverage with extra to share if you'd like. Please bring your dishes and silverware to make the event green. We'd like to carry out whatever we carry in.

Please join us anytime before dusk to enjoy our Berkshire summer in this beautiful spot. Feel free to bring family and friends. The pond can be reached by heading south on Cold Spring Road off Rt 23 or Rt 8 in Otis. There is a picnic area to the left as you approach the pond and parking just beyond.

There is also access for putting small craft into this beautiful pond. So bring a kayak or canoe and arrive early enough to explore.

The event will be cancelled in the case of rain, so check in with our Facebook page or email if you're uncertain on the morning of the 17th. While not required, it would be helpful if you RSVP to

DPO 8-18-16 Flyer

DPU Greenfield Hearing for Berkshire Gas’ Long-Range Forecast and Supply Plan. Meet the DPU to chime in on Berkshire Gas’ for their five-year forecast for 2016/17 through 2020/21.

7:00 p.m.
Greenfield Middle School
195 Federal Street
Greenfield, Massachusetts

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Featured News
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Peekskill residents file federal brief against Spectra’s AIM pipeline

By Bryan Fumagalli – Peekskill Post
August 8, 2016

On Friday, July 29, a coalition of 21 plaintiffs including local groups Riverkeeper, Sierra Club Lower Hudson, Food & Water Watch NY, Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE), and Reynolds Hill, Inc. filed a brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia seeking to overturn the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) March 2015 approval of Spectra Energy Partner’s Algonquin Incremental Markets (AIM) pipeline project. Although many state and local officials, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, both New York Senators and Representatives Nita Lowey and Eliot Engel have come out against the pipeline, so far construction is still moving forward.

“FERC has only rejected one pipeline project in its entire 40-year history,” said Nancy Vann, whose Peekskill property is being taken by eminent domain for the AIM project. “It’s shameful that the public must take a government agency to court in order to make it do its job.”

“Shuttered in the face of strong opposition”,
Industry report on pipeline projects feeling the heat

First NED, Now Constitution. Which Gas Pipeline Is Next?

by BTU Analytics Posted on Seeking Alpha, Aug. 4, 2016

• Both Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct and Williams’ Constitution have been shuttered in the face of strong opposition.
• Other greenfield projects are at risk due to right-of-way, permitting, and construction challenges.
• Delays to other greenfield projects will severely limit the Northeast’s ability to grow production.

I don’t spend much time on Twitter, but a trending topic on the social network caught my eye last week: #NEDisDEAD. NED of course refers to Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Northeast Energy Direct project and the DEAD to Kinder Morgan’s decision last week to shutter the project. On top of that, we heard the news late last Friday that the NY Department of Environmental Conservation denied Constitution’s stream crossing permit. Limited takeaway capacity constrains the Marcellus and Utica’s ability to grow production, so obviously any cancellation or delay in projects would materially impact our production outlook, right? Not quite.

Industry sources admit to possible pipeline expansion overkill
Too Much Pipe On My Hands? – Marcellus/Utica Takeaway Capacity to New England and the Mid-Atlantic States

by Sheetal Nasta, RBN Energy, 08/04/2016

The Northeast natural gas market in recent years has been defined by its lack of sufficient infrastructure for growing production in the region. Pipeline takeaway capacity constraints have restricted production growth and driven Northeast prices to the lowest in the country. But could that soon change? With drilling activity slowing and 18 Bcf/d of takeaway due in-service over the next few years, is it possible the Northeast takeaway capacity will get overbuilt? Today, we continue our look at how pipeline takeaway capacity will stack up against Northeast production.

The Northeast natural gas market is already unrecognizable from just five years ago, having transformed from a demand market to a full-fledged producing region with more supply than it can store or burn (see see End of the Displacement and One Step Closer). But as we’ve noted in the RBN blogosphere, the region’s transformation is far from complete. Takeaway capacity out of the Marcellus/Utica remains constrained and prices continue to reflect constrained (discounted) pricing, which indicates the region remains out of whack. But starting in 2017, takeaway capacity additions are expected to accelerate with 24 projects scheduled to add 18 Bcf/d of takeaway capacity that will ease the constraints. And, there is substantial demand growth expected downstream from gas-fired power generators, LNG export terminals along the Gulf Coast and still more exports to Mexico. Until now the question has been, will takeaway capacity keep up with production. But with these pipeline projects coming due, the central question has shifted to the opposite:  Will production keep up with the takeaway capacity?

Obama instructs FERC to review
climate impacts of pipelines

By Susan Phillips, State Impact – Pennsylvania August 3, 2016

The Obama Administration instructed federal agencies to factor climate change impacts into required environmental reviews of large projects. The White House Council on Environmental Quality released its guidance this week, six years after the original draft proposal. The move clarifies reviews required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Under NEPA, projects such as interstate pipelines and LNG export terminals undergo environmental reviews known as environmental impact statements, before gaining federal approval.

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