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Issue 1 Volume 1 September 2008
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What Do I Do Now?
Are You a Good Coach?
Why Kids Play Sports
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We have a lot in common. Through your involvement in youth sports, you've made a difference in hundreds of kids' lives. It is CoachDeck's mission to help volunteer coaches everywhere make a difference too - by providing the tools that will enable them to create a fun and positive experience for the kids who call them "Coach." In addition to our extremely popular deck of 52 drill cards, we aim to offer a full array of information and products that will enrich the youth recreational sports community. And this first issue of On Deck, our free, informative, monthly newsletter, is one more step in that direction. We hope you enjoy it and ask that you share it with others.
Best wishes,
Take Your Cleats to the Street 

Instantly convert your cleats to street shoes! Cleatskins' molded rubber shell fits effortlessly over cleats so athletes can move on and off the field faster. Extends the life of expensive athletic footwear. Keeps vehicle interiors clean! Learn More
Chris Lemay What Do I Do Now?  
By Coach Chris Lemay

So you did it. You were the dad or mom who couldn't let your son or daughter down, so you said "yes" to coach the team. Now what? You may have been athletic and played sports growing up, but do you know soccer? How do you get started? What do you teach? What is most important? Read Article
KickSpeed Radar
Improve with True Radar Technology
A unique new training device developed to assist teaching soccer kick accuracy and power! The KickSpeed Radar uses proven Doppler radar technology. Best of all, it is affordable for anyone! Learn More
 Brian GottaAn Easy Way to Tell if You're a Good Coach 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

How do you know if you're a good coach? Wouldn't it be nice if there were one simple test to determine your ability? Of course, there are many factors that go into coaching, but if there is a single thing you could do to ensure your season was measured a success, you'd want to do it, right? Read Article
Value Card
 Help Kids Play with Great Profits

In today's economy, people want value for their money. Instead of asking them to buy candy or other items they don't need, offering Help Kids Play Value Cards loaded with great local discounts means you'll make lots of money quickly and easily. Learn More
Dr. Apache Why Kids Play Sports - And Why They Quit 
By Dr. RR Goyakla Apache, Ph.D.

Over 35% of the millions of children who play youth sports quit after the first year of competition. 85% of the children who continue to play dropped out of organized sports all together between the ages of 10 and 17. Why are children quitting youth sports? Read Article