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Issue 2 Volume 10
November 2009
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Effortless Speed
A Time to Be Thankful
Ensuring Young Athletes Don't Quit
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Hello from CoachDeck!
We are proud to announce our winner for the 2009 CoachDeck Volunteer Coach of the Year Award...

Donna Miller of Stroud Soccer Association in Stroud, Oklahoma!
Donna was selected by CoachDeck employees for her outstanding service in the community. You can read all about Donna's accomplishments here.

Donna will be receiving a prize package from sponsors such as Cleatskins, Crown Awards, Sports Sensors and others. Hats off to our runners up, Arthur Pimenta of Taunton East Little League, Kevin Carey of Mason Youth Baseball and Joe Stapp of Mammonth AYSO. Thank you for all of your submissions. It was a pleasure hearing about the many fantastic volunteers making a difference.

We at CoachDeck have much to be thankful for, mostly because of you! Let this be our turn to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving as well.
Best wishes,
 Effortless Speed, Agility and Quickness  Lee Taft
By Lee Taft

A close look at what it really takes to improve your reaction time, speed, agility and quickness. Without understanding this concept of training, all the speed and agility drills in the world won't make you any quicker! Read Article
 Finding Sponsor Money Harder to Come By?
There's an easy and effective way to make up any shortfalls in your club's finances. Talk to the fundraising experts and Help Kids Play and be on your way to achieving all of your financial goals. Email or visit our website at
 Brian GottaA Time to Be Thankful 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We received nominations for our 2009 CoachDeck Volunteer Coach of the Year Award from all over the country, and what we read reinforced what we already knew: That there are thousands of volunteers out there who give of themselves selflessly so that our communities are better places to live. We would like to give our thanks to some of those heroes by highlighting a few selections from the nominations we received: Read Article
Soccer in the Sand
Soccer in the Sand
Enjoy all the thrills and competition of regular soccer in a fun and unique beach setting. Events for all ages. Go to to learn more. 
 Ensuring Young Athletes Don't Drop Out of SportsDr. Cohn
By Lisa Cohn and Dr. Patrick Cohn
Did you know that 75% of all young athletes drop out of sports by the time they are 13? They drop out because taking part in youth sports is no longer enjoyable for them. Read Article