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Oct. 2016 Newsletter  |  Number 138
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Upcoming Classes

Professional Invitational - 10/13
Making It M.I.N.E. - 10/15-16
Musical Literacy - 10/19
Narration Simple - 10/21-22
INTRO: Starting Out - 10/23
Building Your Business - 10/27-11/3
Stepping Out - 10/29
Creating Characters - 10/29
Advanced Narration - 10/30-11/6
ADR/Looping - 11/1
In The Studio - 11/4-5
Positioning & Branding - 11/7-14 
Monologue Magic - 11/9*
New Date
Crack That Copy - 11/10

Classes often sell out.
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Producers are listening
Got VO Work?

Got Milk… or other TAG lines?

Don't think of tags as easy because there’s not much to say! With fewer words, you have to convey a larger story that takes the listener from their present situation to an improved life experience.

Advertising agencies spend months creating and refining the exact words in the ad copy to represent the heart and soul of that company. Fewer words with maximum impact, emotional connection, and memorable outcome are hard to refine. Mark Twain once apologized for writing a long letter by stating: "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." The voice actor who reads these few precious words must take the listener on a journey that stimulates interest and the desired emotional response.
Borrowing from the Got Milk tag, read the tag:  Got VO Work?  Think of your current situation and where you’d like to be in your career.  Depending on where you are currently, the story arc may be hopeful, wishful, with an eye to the future or confident and secure because of steady jobs and payments. 

There are two sections to the story.  The word “Got” is about the present and “VO Work” is about the future.  When you think and experience tags personally, you can understand the larger story that needs to be conveyed emotionally, intellectually, and physically.
Remember to stay connected to the words through your own life history in addition to the words on the page.  

Sunday Drop-In Improv
Oct 16: Playing: Finding the Fun of Acting
This class will be about finding our childlike approach to make believe - the scenarios that delight us, to easy of playing characters we want to be and playing full out with commitment.

Oct 30: Improv Games & Scenes
While everyone can have fun with improv, it's especially recommended for performers. For the actor, improv can expand your range, keep you loose, help manage any performance anxiety and keep you ready to take best advantage of unexpected opportunities.

​​$15 cash at the door.

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