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Volume 4 Issue 4
April 2011

In This Issue
Sacrificing Quality for Winning
Practices for Young Players
Sports and Success in Life
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In this month's issue:
An article every competitive and recreational coach should read, Adrian Parrish weighs in on the difference between coaching to win and coaching to develop players' talents and love of the game. Brian Gotta discusses techniques for running effective practices with very young players. And, in a follow-up to a previous article, Dean Herbert gives his thoughts on the correlation between playing sports and success in life.
Sacrificing Quality for Winning
Adrian Parrish
By Adrian Parrish

The fall season presents me with the opportunity to go and watch all levels of soccer games from recreational to collegiate. And as every player steps on to the field, they do so with a desire to win
that game. Coaches, players and parents all want to win because the game of soccer is competitive, with the object of scoring more goals than your opponent. Read Article
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Brian GottaRunning Practices for Very Young Players By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

If you've volunteered, (or have been volunteered), to coach a team of young players, there are a few techniques you can employ that may make your practice sessions more productive and enjoyable. Coaching kids this age doesn't have to be glorified baby-sitting, if you take the proper approach. Read Article
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Dean Herbert

Sports Participation and Success in Life

by Dean Herbert

Sports psychology has some interesting findings about athletes and the effect of participation in sports. Much of the research supports what is called "gravitational" hypotheses. That is, that a certain personality type will gravitate towards athletic involvement. What exactly have they found?

Read Article
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