F A I T H  C O V E N A N T  C H U R C H

Dear Faith Family,

What a wild week and a half it’s been! In light of all of the changes that have taken place in our communities, the staff at Faith has been working hard to try and adjust how we engage in ministry. While the mission of the church remains unchanged, the methods for ministry should remain fluid and be adopted based on which ones will help us best achieve our timeless Christ given mission.

So, in light of the changes we’ve experienced recently I wanted to give you an update on some of the changes that have been made as we seek to continue to be a church that lives into the mission that Jesus has given us.

On Sundays we will be live streaming the service at 9am on the church's Facebook page www.facebook.com/4fcc.org. If something goes sideways with the technology we will live stream again at 10:45am. However, assuming that all goes well you can participate in the service at 9am or watch the recording on Facebook after that. If you’re not a Facebook person, the video of the service will be posted on the Messages page of the church website by Sunday evening. Watch the website and the enewsletter for a link that will allow you to download and print a bulletin, bulletin insert, and reflection questions for each week's message. This weekend at church we’ve decided to push pause on our series on the book of Philemon and instead spend some time talking about what we can do to trade in fear for faith – just seemed kind of relevant to what’s going in our world right now.

During the week Pastor Laura and Pastor Eric are working hard to connect with our kids and students. Pastor Laura will be hosting live programing through the Zoom app for Kidz at 7pm, Monday – Thursday. Each night will be geared to a specific age group. Contact Pastor Laura at pastorlaura.jackson@4fcc.org and she can make sure that you get the link that will allow you and your child to join in. At the same Pastor Eric will be hosting live programing through the Zoom app for Students. This will include "Lunch with Eric" at noon on Zoom for Middle School and High School students Monday – Thursday. Pastor Eric will also host programming for Middle School students on Zoom on Monday and Wednesday at 4:30pm, and programing for High School students on Zoom Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30pm. Contact Pastor Eric at pastoreric.ek@4fcc.org and he can make sure that you get the link that will allow you and your student to join in.

As we are no longer able to meet for growth groups or small groups live, Pastor James would love to help you get connected as a group online. The small group that I’m a part of met online last night, and while it was not the same as meeting face to face, it was great so see and connect with people other than the ones I’m spending a lot of additional time with here in my home 😊 If you’re a growth group leader who would like to try and lead your spring growth group online, please reach out to Pastor James about this. If you would be interested in joining an online small group or leading an online small group, Pastor James would love to talk with you about that too. You can contact him at pastorjames.bryde@4fcc.org

Finally, be watching for our Facebook devotionals, Faith on Facebook, next week. Our Pastoral staff will be uploading devotionals each day, Monday – Thursday, around 11:15am.

As we continue to move forward in the weeks ahead let’s hold loosely to how we’re doing things, as we’ll likely need to continue to make changes as we dial things in and respond to the changes taking place in the world around us. Let’s be people of faith not fear, let’s hold on to hope, and let’s live with open hands not closed fists.

God bless,

Pastor Mike

Faith Covenant Church • 4fcc.org