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Volume 4 Issue 9
September 2011

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Street Soccer for Rec Soccer?
Why Do We Condemn Parents?
Help Athletes Set Goals
Blind Marching Band
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These are exciting times at CoachDeck! Our Football Deck is in the final stage of development, and production should begin late next month! We're partnering with new and exciting companies you can read about below. Much more is still to come, so stay tuned!

In this issue: We ask that you read Dr. Patrick Cohn's great essay on helping your sports-playing children set goals. Brian Gotta writes about a tendency we all have to judge other parents. We offer a thought-provoking article written by new contributor, Chris Brown, with an interesting spin on recreational soccer. And we pass along an inspiring column written by Rick Reilly of about a blind marching band in Ohio that won't let anything stop them.

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Modified Street Soccer - A Model for Rec Soccer?
Chris Brown
By Chris Brown

In a couple of communities in Western Pennsylvania a soccer revolution is taking place. Today in Fox Chapel and Mercer County the archaic adult model of recreational soccer has been replaced by a modified street soccer format. This model has been introduced to give the game back to the kids, give our children a "taste" for street soccer and to make sure recreational soccer is a positive introduction to the beautiful game. Read Article
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Brian GottaWhy Do We Condemn Other Parents?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

If you've been around youth sports for any amount of time, you've heard it. Someone is speaking disparagingly in hushed tones about another parent. They shake their head and comment, "He thinks she's going to get a scholarship." The younger the child in question, the harsher the indictment. Parents who put in extra time with their kids, have them play in ultra-competitive clubs, or pay for private training are often accused of being fanatical and obsessed. But maybe the ones doing the accusing are not so different than those they condemn. Read Article

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Dr. Cohn

Help Youth Athletes Set Goals in Sports

by Lisa Cohn and Dr. Patrick Cohn

Too often, sports parents set goals for their kids that are different than the kids' goals. It's important to help sports kids identify their own goals and then help them follow through on them. Read More

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Rick Reilly

Mom, I Can Do This!

by Rick Reilly, (originally published on

We're big fans of Rick Reilly of and he does it again with his touching article about a blind marching band in Columbus, OH. Need a little motivation? Read about 12 year-old bass drummer Brian Rowan, as well as the rest of these courageous kids, and see if you're not inspired. Read Article

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