Did You Know?                                                        April 15, 2016


What is this in my inbox?

A message from Bob Dorsey, President of the Aroostook Partnership

Dear Aroostook County Teachers,
The Aroostook Partnership, a private/public team of more than 100 businesses, our four colleges and Northern Maine Development Commission is in the process of promoting our County and advancing our economy. We believe our TOP PRIORITY is to secure our future workforce to enable economic growth.  With our aging workforce and a large number of folks nearing retirement, we have started a series of efforts to help retention and attraction of workers to our area.  First, we’ve started the Opportunities Aroostook website, which is FREE to employers and job seekers to post their jobs and resumes.  Next, we are planning a series of Business/Teacher socials to increase awareness of the approximately 3,000 jobs that become available every year in the County.  And now, we begin this ‘Did You Know’ series to simply provide you information on County businesses, emerging jobs, historical facts and significant teacher or education accomplishments in Aroostook.  It is our hope by working closer with our high schools, guidance departments and local teachers that we can increase the awareness of careers and jobs in the County, which will hopefully lead to more of that information being passed to your students who are our future workforce!  A sincere thank you for all that you do, we know you face many challenges on a daily basis, and we hope you find this information useful and helpful.


Robert Dorsey
President & CEO
The Aroostook Partnership
c:  498-9103

Shout Out to the Teachers

In developing this newsletter the "Education to Industry" working group, made up of educators and business leaders, wanted to make space available to highlight the good work done by educators in Aroostook County.

If you or a colleague have gone above and beyond, achieved an award, or been noted for exceptional effort, please let us know so you can be featured in the next newsletter.

Did you know?

The forest economy of Aroostook County represents more than $1.5 billion dollars in the region's gross domestic product. That represents more than 6,700 jobs in the sector, from loggers, to truckers, mill workers, engineers, human relations, accountants and more. Major companies like Twin Rivers, Huber, Louisiana Pacific, JD Irving, Maibec and others have chosen to do business in  Aroostook County due to our abundance of the renewable resource. For more information on the forest economy, contact Bob Dorsey at rdorsey@nmdc.org.


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