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Issue 2 Volume 9
October 2009
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Five Practice Variables
"Safe" Means More than Injury-Free
Visualization Tips for Practice
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 Five Variables to Consider Before Practice  Tom Turner
By Tom Turner, OYSAN Director of Coaching

The five variables outlined below constitute the "bag of tricks" available to coaches who endeavor to create realistic and challenging training activities for their players without over-coaching. Coaches who look to experiment with the mix of these variables will learn from their successes and failures and, in time, become better at their craft. Read Article
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2009 CoachDeck Volunteer Coach of the Year Award 
They don't get paid for the time and effort they sacrifice, so we'd like to say "Thank you," by recognizing them for their tremendous efforts. Take a minute to make someone's day and let them know you appreciate them. Nominate your favorite coach here
 Brian Gotta"Safe" Means More than Injury-Free 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

There are several ways to define "making sports safe" for youngsters. The obvious connotation is that the practices and games are well supervised, the field and equipment in good condition, and there will be a minimum of chances the players will be injured. Safety also means we must be diligent in protecting our youngsters from child abusers who may attempt to infiltrate youth organizations. However, there is another kind of "safe" that is more subtle, but which may be every bit as important to our children. Read Article
 Does Your Club Need a Boost in 2010?
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 Visualization: Tips for Getting More Out of Your Mental PracticeGeoff Miller
By Geoff Miller
Visualization is the widely-used technique of seeing your performance in your mind.  It can be done simply in passing by closing your eyes and imagining a play or can be used as a central training tool to take the place of physical activity when an athlete is injured or worn down. Read Article
Soccer in the Sand
Soccer in the Sand
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