What's New
February 2015
*New Class*
9:30 am "6-Pack Abs"
with Luisa Frias

*New Time*
10:15 am "Yoga Booty Ballet"
with Luisa Frias
starts 15 minutes later

Tuesday & Thursday
*New Class Format*
8:30 am
"Rock n Roll Sculpt & Burn"
with Jesse Sospirato

*New Class Format*
8:30 pm "Booty Burn"
with Shea Butter
This class used to be "Raq Shimmy" and now has a fitness format Tuesdays Only

*New Class*
11:30 am
"Meditate & Elevate"
with Teigh Gilson
8250 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048  


Spread LOVE

Dear Gillian,

Well so far, SWERVE's monthly thematic astrological projections have worked out as pointedly true for me. I had a breakthrough (as the stars predicted last month) by holding myself together with integrity and love while getting my heart hurt pretty badly. Now as the cosmos also point out, self-care is my first priority, because I've got a stinky cold!

How 'bout you? Did you notice yourself breaking through in the past 30 days? Are you going to heed the kind suggestion to take excellent care of yourself so you don't get sick in February? Please do, Friend. Wash your hands in warm soapy water often, skip the gym if you're feeling ill, get lots of rest and eat good food and drink nutritious beverages like fresh veggie juice.

Aquarius also prophecies that if we're cool with our emotions during this period, we'll get a warm and positive feeling to go with it. In other words, allow yourself to acknowledge your feelings for real, and you'll be rewarded with positivity and feeling good.

Romance is on the horizon, too. Hooray! I'm a hopeful romantic and I'm calling in some of that steamy goodness big time! I'm claiming that for you, me and all of us. Let's break out our old Marvin Gaye records and get our SWERVE on.

Aquarius also points to the Feminine Divine being in the spotlight in February and I sing Her praises by behaving in an exceptionally receptive way. This world needs more Feminine leadership, respect and reverence. Our sisters abroad need our loving support more than ever as they are even now being kept down by their various cultures. Oh! Rather than dwell on problems, let us work together to generate solutions. Here at home, we can continue to be lovingly kind to one another and to all that is The Feminine, especially at SWERVE.

Love is rising my Darlings! Let's get in on that. Embody The Goddess by being receptive, even if your current incarnation is male. There are a zillion ways to Spread LOVE so let's get to it.


Gillian Alexandria Clark