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Issue 1 Volume 3 November 2008
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Passing Technique
Communicate with Confidence
Balancing Family and Sports
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Happy Holidays from CoachDeck!

Inside this issue of On Deck, we offer another instructional article from Coach Chris Lemay, this time on teaching proper passing technique. Dr. Mimi Doe provides tips on balancing sports and family life, and Brian Gotta gives advice on communicating with players. Plus we've featured some pretty unique products you'll definitely want to explore.

If you're getting into the planning stages for the 2009 season, we'd love to have you consider providing CoachDeck as a resource for your hardworking coaches. In this Thanksgiving season there's no better way to give your thanks to those volunteers. If you'd like information on CoachDeck for soccer, including our League Discount pricing, contact us at

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Chris Lemay Teaching Passing Technique  
By Coach Chris Lemay

The art of passing a soccer ball and the technique to do so properly is a vital skill for any soccer player at all levels of the game. Sometimes we miss what is important as coaches and give positive feedback when our players complete a pass from point A to B. What we can't do is lose sight of the technique that was used. Read Article
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 Brian GottaCommunicate With Confidence 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

When communicating with players it possible to be strong and firm without creating fear and intimidation? Read these tips on getting the most out of your players within a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Read Article
CoachDeck Basketball
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Mimi Doe Balancing Kids Sports and Family Life 
By Mimi Doe, Award-winning Author

The common refrain these days seems to be, " is crazy. We are so busy." It's almost a badge of achievement for some parents to breathlessly describe their on the run lives--as if they're giving their child a leg up by being on two travel sports teams, the school's team and a little strength training on the side. Read Article