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Volume 4 Issue 3
March 2011

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Divide the Season into Thirds
Child Doesn't Like His Coach?
Complimenting Youth Sports
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In this month's issue:
Coaches: Want a road map to a successful season? Former pro, Chance Reynolds, explains how to break your upcoming season into three segments for optimal results. Brian Gotta discusses how parents can help their children cope in the event they don't like their coach. And, Dean Herbert's article on learning how to compliment young athletes while still being instructive is a must-read.

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Winning Baseball: Divide the Season into ThirdsChance Reynolds

By Chance Reynolds, Former Professional Baseball Player

In order for your club to "peak" at the right time, you, as a Coach, need to look at the season as a process or an "evolution" of thirds. The first third of your season should be a time where everyone plays, everyone gets an opportunity, and everyone has a chance to show what they can do. If you have a young kid you would like to try in a certain situation, this is the time to do it. If you have a lineup in mind, but aren't quite sure whether it will be the right combination or not, this is the time to try it out. Read Article

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Brian Gotta

What if My Child Doesn't Like His Coach?

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Spring is the time for new beginnings. As winter recedes and our local parks and fields thaw, new soccer, baseball and softball teams are forming in communities everywhere, which means coaches are meeting new players, and kids are meeting new coaches. What should we do if our child comes home from practice complaining that they don't like their coach? Read Article
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Dean Herbert

Complimenting Youth in Sports
by Dean Herbert

It seems so natural - intuitive even to congratulate young athletes. The words roll out of our mouths...Good job. Way to go. Good race. Good game.... Before I introduce more powerful options here are some comments from a confidential survey I conducted with youth athletes regarding what they find un-motivating or dispiriting. Read Article

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