November 15, 2016

Suggestions for Advent
Advent studies that 
lead into 2017

Study the biblical passages from this beloved piece in Advent. Continue in Lent to complete the 10 session study.

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With 4 sessions
for Advent. 
Meet again
for Epiphany.

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Then keep the group going with Matthew ...
Matthew - the primary Gospel
at the start of Lectionary Yr A
Through the study of The Gospel of Matthew: God With Us, your congregation can walk with early followers of Jesus as they heard teachings by and about him. Matthew’s Gospel is unique in its use of ekklesia, a Greek term which we translate as “church.” The term’s literal meaning, “assembly of ones who are called out,” was used by Greeks and Greek-speaking Romans to describe active assemblies of citizens called together to speak, debate, and take action. Consider Jesus’ use of the term in his teachings to the community of faith for its life and service and his instructions for reconciliation. This new community is called to live righteously, to serve as Christ served, with deep humility and forgiveness. Explore how this new community was and is to be a blessing to the world.

A PLAN TO USE: Lectionary Yr A (starting Nov. 27) features readings from Matthew during Advent and into Epiphany. This 14-session study can begin in Epiphany and end during Lent (Jan. 8 - Apr. 9)
Study Key Passages from
Matthew in Lent
In Blessed Are You: The Beatitudes of Jesus in Scripture and in Life, your congregation will appreciate that Matthew's Gospel can be considered a manual for discipleship. Placed at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, the beatitudes invite discourse and discovery for groups of people traveling a long way together. They ask us to pause to consider and understand the experiences of those who weep, stories of forgiveness, of making peace, of being persecuted, and to hear the compelling voice of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, speaking of comfort. 

A PLAN TO USE: This 6-session study is ideally suited for a Lenten study—which in 2017 will be March 5 to April 9. 

Celebrate the 500th Anniversary
of the Reformation in 2017
A newly revised special edition of Romans: A Letter for Today, will help your congregation to study what has been called the “most influential letter ever written.” This special edition includes a chapter focusing on Martin Luther’s reading of Romans, and its impact on his life and church history. Also includes: A Leaders Disk with Leader’s Guide PDF and slide presentation that can be shown on a TV with a standard DVD player.

A PLAN TO USE: This study of one of Paul’s most important letters can be completed in either a 15-session or 9-session plan, easily adaptable for your church’s calendar.
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