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Issue 2 Volume 5 May 2009
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Five Steps to Pitching Greatness
Why the Economy Doesn't Affect Youth Sports
Helping Athletes Trust Their Skills
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Inside this issue Dan Gazaway provides five tips for pitching greatness, Brian Gotta explains why youth sports seem to thrive even in a down economy, and world-renowned sports psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn contributes a great article on how to help your players perform their best under pressure.
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 Five Steps to Pitching GreatnessDan Gazaway
by Dan Gazaway, Owner & Founder of The Pitching Academy 
Players from nine to nineteen will benefit from learning these five simple steps to success. Even if you aren't the world's most accomplished pitching coach, instill these pointers and your pitchers will thrive. Read Article
More Than ERA 
Improve Your Pitchers' Performances!
Already tracking pitches? Turn that data into meaningful information. Using More than ERA™ to evaluate your pitchers performance will give you valuable information that you can use to work with them on the performance aspects of playing baseball. Helps you to help them in developing a better mental approach, spot game situations where they need to improve and have a game plan when they go to the mound.  Learn More
 Brian GottaWhy the Economy Doesn't Affect Youth Sports 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

In tough economic times, people have to make difficult decisions. But what we're seeing is that even in the hardest-hit areas, parents are putting their kids first. Families may be doing without things, but they are still finding a way to make sure Johnny and Jenny can play sports. Read Article
Pitch Count Watch 
The Baseball Coach's Wristwatch
The Pitch Count Watch contains a dual pitch-counter so you can track your pitcher and your opponent's, but there's much more! Stopwatch, time and date functions, make this a multi-purpose sports watch any baseball coach would love. Learn More

 Helping Young Athletes Trust in Their Skills When Competing  Dr. Cohn
By Dr. Patrick Cohn, President of Peak Performance Sports
Do your sports kids excel in practice, but freeze up in competition? Do they have a hard time just being spontaneous and "free" when they compete? Are they so afraid of making mistakes that they don't take risks? Read Article