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Volume 6 Issue 12
December 2013

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Impossible Pass
Who Do You Believe?
Coaching Your Child
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We're excited about 2014 at CoachDeck and we look forward to bringing our dynamic product to more youth coaches who want to run fun and effective soccer practices. We hope your organization will join the thousands that have already made us a part of their coach training and appreciation programs.

In this issue:
New contributor Dan Blank has shared a chapter from his bestselling book, Soccer IQ, that will provide coaches and players terrific food for thought. Brian Gotta writes that, when it comes to disputes between coaches and parents, there might be more than one side to the story. And the title of Steve Henson's second great article, (which we bring in two parts), says it all.  


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The Impossible Pass
By Dan Blank      

I've never been satisfied by the on-field communication of my players. If I could ever get all of them to generously communicate useful information during the run of play, we would rise to a whole new and improved level.  But more about that later. This chapter isn't just about what to say; it's about what not to say, and when not to say it. Read Article
Soccer Innovations
Brian GottaWho Do You Believe?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We frequently receive letters from parents and coaches asking for advice. Below are representations of two such letters, written about the same child: One from the child's parent and one from his coach. You will notice, the two authors see the same situation from completely opposite perspectives. Read Article 
Pitch Count Watch
Coaching Your Child: Expert Advice from T-Ball through High School and Beyond (Part 1 of 2)
By Steve Henson

It's an unforgettable line from Field of Dreams: "Hey, Dad, you wanna have a catch?" Kevin Costner is already an adult when he tosses a baseball to his ghostly father. For most dads and kids, the moment comes much sooner; and for thousands of families across the country, a simple catch leads to dad signing up his son or daughter with the local youth league, and then signing up himself as coach. Read Article
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