Expand Your in vitro Display Assay Tool — Bacterial Display — for Immunology Research
Bacterial display is a protein engineering technique widely used for in vitro protein evolution. Libraries containing billions of diverse molecules polypeptides displayed on the surface of bacteria are screened using magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS) or fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS). The bacterial display system has been proved to be simple and efficient and has been applied extensively to find the affinity of a ligand for its target protein. Our state-in-the-art technology enables the rapid isolation of target-specific proteins without the labor intensive screening. We provide several bacterial display scaffolds for library screening according to the sizes of passengers displayed. The bacterial display is now applied to epitope mapping, cell-binding peptides identification, protease substrate identification, protein-binding ligand screening, and antibody fragments library screening.
Expand your in vitro selection and evolution tool kit for immunological and pharmaceutical research insights with tailor-made, reliable, and accurate bacterial display techniques.

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