One of the things that Coach Devenzio talks about in his book, Stuff Good Players Should Know, is the idea that defensive pressure in basketball is only an illusion. Think about what a novel concept that really is! How many times have you seen players (and even coaches) panic when a team presses, traps, or just plays hard pressure man? It happens all the time and costs teams victories on a regular basis. 

Hope this read will give you a new perspective!

Resource for Basketball Players
The workbook includes a
comprehensive leadership
development plan encompassing
four areas of leadership development–
the physical, intellectual, emotional and
social dimensions. In Becoming a Team
Leader you’ll find easy-to-use tools,
 exercises, and assessments to develop and significantly
 improve your leadership skills.

  Resource for Basketball Coaches
  In Coaching for Leadership, author,
  professor, and former coach, Cory
  Dobbs flips the coaching plan on
  leadership and team building.

  Rather than relying on “seniority”
  and “teachable moments,” coaches
are invited to deliberately prepare every team member
for a vital team building role.

Quote of the Day

"Good habits are important, but it's often our bad habits
that prevent us from reaching our full potential...you're
only as good as your worst habits."

Amy Morin
Brian Williams
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