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Looking Back on 175 Years of
Family Farming on Nantucket
Fall fun for Nantucket's students
Field trips to Bartlett's Farm are a tradition for many of Nantucket's schools. We love teaching these little ones about veggies, plants and pumpkins!
Last PYO... this time for real
Pumpkins, Gourds, Apples. Fall is on the Farm!
Jack-O-Lanterns are replenished weekly in the Garden Center for all of your carving needs.  Don't forget to "Guess the Weight" at the registers for your chance to win it for FREE! Details below
Carlson Orchard's apples are plentiful in the Market.  Not sure which to use for baking versus eating? Just ask MJ, our market manager.  She is a wealth of knowledge on these regional beauties! Also read about our Heirloom apples, arriving this week from Vermont's Scott Farm Orchards  below
Hilary and her team has got the Garden Center tricked out with a myriad of gorgeous displays of gourds, pumpkins and fall foliage! You can't help but be happy it's fall when you visit the Farm
This Saturday, make a planter to
last all of fall & winter long
Evergreens Potting Workshop with
 Garden Center Manager, Hilary Armour 
September 29th in the Garden Center
Learn how to pot mini evergreens like a pro in this hands on class 
5K for a Good Cause this Sunday
Stop by this Saturday from 3:30 to 5:30 to register! Volunteer opportunities available. email Darcie Evans for more info
Join us for a great family event and fundraiser! As an added bonus, registered runners will receive a 20% coupon to the farm the day of the race!
Fresh from the Fields...and Greenhouses
The cooler nights have really sweetened up our beets and carrots, which are bursting with beautiful, earthy flavor.
Click the pictures below for some inspiration to prepare these vitamin and mineral-packed veggies
Winter Squash is in
Delicata, Butternut, Ambercup, Long Island Cheese Pumpkins, Acorn Squash... the gang's all here!
Farm Grown Potatoes
So now is time to brush up on those spud-cooking techniques!  Click the picture below for some "apeeling" anecdotes by Maryjane Mojer
There is an ebb and flow to the seasons...
With every season, the delights of the farm change. Winter squash, potatoes, pumpkins and gourds have arrived but that means veggies like our colorful summer peppers, field tomatoes and head lettuce are waning. There's still time to savor the last of summer, but don't miss your chance to cook and put some away for the winter!
Our peppers are still bountiful! Roast, skin, freeze, repeat!
Field tomatoes have a few more short weeks! Get your tomato toast on before they're gone for good. Or better yet, PYO this Saturday
Heirloom Apples from Scott Farm arrive Friday
Long before the Bartlett's set foot on Nantucket The Scott Farm, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been in active cultivation since 1791. This 571 acre farm has been owned since 1995 by The Landmark Trust USA; a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue important but neglected historic properties and bring them back to life. At Scott Farm this has meant revitalizing the entire farm operation from orchard to farmhouses to barns.
The farm’s present orchardist, Ezekiel Goodband, has had a lifelong passion for apples. His search for old varieties has taken him to abandoned orchards throughout New England and as far as Kazakhstan, the birthplace of apples. The orchard now contains over 120 heirloom and unusual apple varieties. The wide range of colors, flavors and textures has something that appeals to all tastes. 
Varieties from Scott Farm that are arriving on Friday
(descriptions by Scott Farm)
A German apple from the early 1900’s, thought to be an offspring of Cox’s Orange Pippin. A crisp apple with a citrus flavor and a sprightly balance of sugars and acids. Sometimes there is a hint of pear. Good for eating and cooking. Tends to be a large apple with orange-reddish skin. Very juicy, this is a good apple to blend in with other apples in a pie or tart.
Cox's Orange Pippin-
The most popular of English apples, it has been awarded the highest honors by the Royal Horticultural Society. It was originally grown from seed (hence the name Pippin) in 1825 by Richard Cox, an amateur horticulturist. Its tart, citrus flavor is exquisitely tempered by a sweet pear flavor. It is excellent for eating and cooking. A small, round apple with orange skin, sometimes with some russeting.
This apple goes back to 1708 in Yorkshire England. The original tree grew from seeds from Normandy. It is a parent of Cox’s Orange Pippin but is sweeter, with a delightful pear flavor. Good for both fresh eating and culinary use. Ribston is a recent favorite when we have tastings at the farm. Reddish skin, some orange and light russeting.
Black Gilliflower or "Sheep's Nose"-
A New England variety from the early 1800’s. Traditionally it’s used as a cooking apple due to its rich flavor and aromatic quality though many prefer it for fresh use. Gilliflower refers a clove flavor and black refers to the color the skin sometimes gets as it ripens. It’s also known as “Sheep’s Nose” because of its unusual shape, which tapers towards the base
Little Lamb Abbey-
This is one of the most delightful apples in the world. 200 years ago, Mary Malcomb planted an apple pip, or seed, in her garden in Lamb Abbey, England. The fruit from the tree that grew was crisp and coarsely textured. The flavor is a lively blend of sugars and acids and pineapple, which becomes more pronounced as the harvest moves later into the fall. A small apple with light green skin with a reddish-orange blush.
Fresh from our Kitchen
Custom Sandwiches are back starting tomorrow!
We are thrilled to announce that custom sandwiches are back by popular demand. Check out the new forms below and start imaging your dream sandwich. Call 508.228.9403 ext 118 to place your order for pick up!
Lunch Specials are back with new hours!
Lunch Specials now available from 11 am-2 pm each weekday
Want to sign up for our daily lunch and dinner email? click here to add your email address or stop in and visit Allison at the farmstand!
Football Season means Ribs & Wings are Back!
11:30 am - 4 pm Every Sunday and whenever the Patriots Play!

Half and Whole Racks of Ribs come with Coleslaw
and Cornbread
Chicken Wings are served with Celery Sticks and a side of Blue Cheese Dressing

Call 508.228.9403
to place your order this weekend!
Not spicy enough for you? Pick up a bottle of our firey, delicious hot sauce made from our own farm grown hot peppers and packaged for retail. Try one of the single variety sauces for something totally different! available in our Lunch Box Cooler
The weekend just got a whole lot better!
The Bakery is churning out fresh cake doughnuts-
Maple Pecan Glazed
Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles
Cinnamon Brown Sugar

Available Saturdays and Sundays. Need a lot? Please call ahead of time so we can have them prepared for you
Fall Decor is so Festive and Fun
Decorate 'au naturel' with farm grown gourds & pumpkins 
tiny ones $1.29 each or 10 for $10 
medium sizes are $1.25 lb
large pumpkins and gourds are .75 cents per pound
but if you're feeling lucky...GUESS TO WIN!!!!
 Fall tableware is in stock 
 & ready to feather your nest
 We especially like the look of these birch wrapped hurricanes & clean, white enamelware stuffed to the brim with decorative berry stalks!
Lots of clothing on sale in-store & on our website! 175th anniversary Bartlett's branded caps, hoodies & t-shirts now 50 % off!
Nantucket Fresh Catch
Fresh Catch Fall Hours-
Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am -6 pm
Save The Dates
We are thrilled to announce our 10th Anniversary of Ladies Night will be Thursday, November 8th!
Each year, the funds that we raise go to local charities. We’ve been fortunate to pair up with A Safe Place, Nantucket Food Pantry, Palliative Care, and Nantucket Housing Authority.
 All proceeds this year will be going to the 
Fairwinds Counseling Center of Nantucket

Our hope is to make this special anniversary year our
brightest and best yet! 
Please join us as we celebrate friendship and kick off the holiday season with tremendous vendors, great food, auctions and live music.
Please click the flyer above for more information!
9/29- Evergreens Potting Demo- Garden Center with Hilary

9/30 Nantucket Rising 5K Run for Recovery: Beginning and ending at Bartlett's Farm. Click here to read more or to register. 

10/21- Fall Festival on the Farm

11/8- 10th Annual Ladies Night
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