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What's the Buzz?
This week's farm talk features Dave Berry of Nantucket Bee Company who will present a fascinating program all about bees! Dave has bee hives all over the island and has lots of great information and stories about beekeeping.
The Bee Guy
Please join us as we welcome Dave on
Saturday, April 17th at 10am in the Hayloft.
Bookmark our website to follow the current
Farm Talks/Garden Series/Chef Series schedule.
It's a Bee-yoo-tiful Spring!

Squill Bee
The bee (bottom center) is carrying blue pollen on its legs.
Blue Squill (Scilla siberica) is a spring bloomer.

bee box
This is the hive used by the worker bees that pollinate Farmer Dave's greenhouse tomatoes.

Bees and flowers are a natural combination...
picnic basket
This picnic hamper is perfect for your daffodil day lunch. Plates, silverware, and room for food. What does this have to do with bees? Well, no picnic would be complete without a few bees...
This honey is made by Massachusetts bees that are brought here to collect pollen from the cranberry bogs.
Another Sign of Spring!
Phil returned from Florida to do a bit of plowing over the weekend. Potatoes and early corn will get planted in this plot. It's the beginning of the growing cycle that will put corn on your table by the end of July!

phil plows

Baby Tomatoes
Recipe of the Week

Mark Yelle of Nantucket Catering Company demonstrated his own version of Turkey Hash to a crowd of over 60 people last Saturday. Our website has this and all the recipes from the last several weeks of Chef Series Demonstration recipes.

WIFI at the Farm!

Take a ride to the farm and relax in our comfy chairs, enjoy a fresh brewed cup of Nantucket Coffee Roasters coffee and one of Kat's or Carrie's fresh baked cookies or cupcakes, and email all your friends from the farm.

Box Lunches!
Mj's box lunches are perfect for your Daffodil Day picnic.
A box lunch includes one sandwich, one side, one dessert, and one beverage.
Utensils and napkins are included, and lunches are packed in stacking, recyclable boxes.
To order box lunches, call 508-228-9403 ext 17
It fits in your bike basket...
bike basket
Hours Change!
New Hours:
Every Day!

Yes...that means
Sunday, too!

Organic Head Lettuce is Ready!
organic lettuce growing
Ten varieties of lettuce, all grown organically, are available in the market. Pictured side by side in one of our organic houses, the variety in colors and shapes is evident. Use the leaves as the base of a composed salad, or dress with a simple vinaigrette.
What's Happening in the Tomato House?

Week 7
Photo taken April 13th.
I didn't use a stool, but I did have to raise the camera up over my head!
Growing Tomatoes
April 13
week 6
Photo taken April 6
Next week, I will have to stand on a stool to get the photo!
week5 tomato house
Photo taken March 30
wk4 tomato
Photo Taken March 23
Photo taken March 16
Photo taken March 9
Tomatoes in house
Photo Taken March 2
Spring Cleaning?
Mrs Meyers laundry products are biodegradable and phosphate free. They smell terrific and they help keep your washing machine fresh.
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