September 23, 2018
Small Group Meetings this Week
Today, our Congregation Council presented some options to address our current ministry and building needs, and empower future decades of mission and ministry growth at Advent.

Our small group meetings this week are an opportunity to discuss these options in a smaller, more personal setting before our Congregational Discussion Meeting this Sunday.

Two council members will be present at each small group meeting. Bring your questions, concerns, doubts, feelings, and thoughts and know they are all welcome as we contemplate the big questions and navigate our future together.

Discussion Meeting

Sunday, September 30


Community Hall (downstairs)

Decision Meeting

Sunday, October 7


Community Hall (downstairs)

What if I can't make it to the decision meeting on October 7? Can I still vote?

Yes. There will be an opportunity to submit a paper ballot at the Discussion Meeting on September 30 for those who cannot be present for our Decision Meeting on October 7.

When do the September 30 and October 7 meetings end?

Our Sept 30 and Oct 7 meetings have no set end time. Plan to worship at 9am in English or 12:30pm in Spanish to fully participate in these meetings. We estimate they will be 1.5 - 2 hours long.

Will there be 11am worship on September 30 and October 7?

Yes. We'll still have a simple 11am worship upstairs for visitors and anyone not attending the meetings.

Will childcare be provided during these meetings?

Yes. Childcare will be provided for all meetings so parents can fully participate.

How should I prepare for these meetings?

Below we've compiled all the documents we've sent out over summer that will help set the stage for our meetings. We recommend reading them all.

Find these materials, meeting dates, and FAQs anytime at
Thank you for your prayer, discernment, and engagement in this conversation together as one church, united in Christ.
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