August 23, 2016
Latest in the unraveling of Access Northeast
Eversource withdraws request to charge
electric customers for pipeline costs

8/22/16 — After last week’s MA Supreme Judicial Court ruling that charging electric ratepayers for purchase of pipeline capacity is against Massachusetts law, Eversource today filed a Motion to Withdraw DPU Application #15-181 that would have sought compensation for capacity on Spectra’s Access Northeast pipeline from electric ratepayers.  If National Grid follows suit soon, it would remove the two key customers for Access Northeast.
Note in the next to last paragraph of this Motion to Withdraw that they reserve the right to place this request again if the legality of the plan changes. We’ll be watching in the future for attempts to change the law that currently makes this request illegal in Massachusetts .
Vigil for Stand Rock Sioux well attended

Approximately 25-30 people from throughout Berkshires and Hilltowns of MA, even a couple who came down from Mason, NH came together stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, fighting the Dakota Access pipeline, and other communities currently under direct threat from ongoing construction - particularly West Roxbury, MA where the AIM pipeline by Spectra is currently being built.

We met at the former proposed pipe yard site for NED in Plainfield, MA. Musicians / singers were Sarah Stockwell Arthen, Norma Jean Haynes, Tom Neilson and Lynn Waldron, Rachel Branch, Mary Wheelan and Strong Oak. Portions of the vigil were live broadcast online via Periscope, including personal messages of support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

In the meantime, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has received notice of 87 Tribal Nations who have signed resolutions in support of their position on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Legislators seek direct involvement in regulatory process over Berkshire gas moratorium

By RICHIE DAVIS, Greenfield Recorder Staff
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Area lawmakers want to get legally involved in the regulatory process that could affect Berkshire Gas Co.’s now 2-year-old moratorium on new hookups.

Legislators from Franklin and Hampshire counties on Tuesday have applied to the state Department of Public Utilities to become formal intervenors in the Berkshire Gas Co.’s proposed four-year forecast and resource plan.

The delegation, including Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, D-Amherst; Reps. Stephen Kulik, D-Worthington; John Scibek, D-South Hadley; Ellen Story, D-Amherst; Paul Mark, D-Peru and Peter Kocot, D-Northampton, is filing on behalf of their constituents and communities that are subject to a 2014 moratorium on new or expanded service that was contingent on completion of the proposed Kinder-Morgan Northeast Energy Direct interstate gas pipeline project that was stopped earlier this year.

Berkshire Gas DPU Hearings

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities will be holding a Greenfield Hearing for Berkshire Gas’ Long-Range Forecast and Supply Plan. Meet the DPU to chime in on Berkshire Gas’ for their five-year forecast for 2016/17 through 2020/21. Please come to this Greenfield hearing, in the heart of the Berkshire Gas moratorium-affected territory!

We need numbers to come and tell Berkshire Gas to serve customers by:
1) fixing their leaks!
2) helping their current customers save money by helping them weatherize and insulate. Berkshire Gas’ Mass Save goal should be aiming for at least 2.5% savings.

Less loss & less waste means more available for others without that pesky, environmentally damaging need for more pipelines!

Greenfield, MA
August 30, 2016, at 7:00 p.m.
Greenfield Middle School
195 Federal Street
Greenfield, Massachusetts

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» Read Berkshire Gas Long Range Forecast and Supply Plan
» Read DPU Notice of Filing, Public Hearing and Procedural Conference

You can get a much better 2016 Comprehensive Energy Strategy than the 2013 one that called for helping home owners switch from oil to gas rather than energy efficiency (weatherization and insulation) and adding a cold-weather heat pump. Stay tuned to No Fracked Gas in Mass or contact CT Sierra Club to get information on how to push for a more balanced and environmentally friendly energy policy that could erase need for the CT Expansion pipeline completely. You'd be helping yourselves and your neighbors in Massachusetts and New York!

• See Events below for CT Expansion presentation and People Over Pipelines Walk.

Featured Events

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WEDNESDAY — AUGUST 24, 2016 — BETHLEHEM, NY NY-pipeline-forum-flyer

DPU Greenfield Hearing for Berkshire Gas’ Long-Range Forecast and Supply Plan. Meet the DPU to chime in on Berkshire Gas’ for their five-year forecast for 2016/17 through 2020/21.

7:00 p.m.
Greenfield Middle School
195 Federal Street
Greenfield, Massachusetts

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SATURDAY — SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 — AGWAM, MA - E. GRANBY, CT CTPeopleOverPipelineFlyer

Rehoboth Board of Selectmen Public Meeting On Algonquin Gas Access Northeast Project. The purpose of this Public Meeting is to address questions and concerns regarding the Access Northeast Project and proposed compressor station to be located in the Town of Rehoboth. Representatives from Algonquin Gas/Spectra will be present to respond to questions addressed by a panel of municipal representatives consisting of officials from the Town of Seekonk, City of Attleboro and Town of Rehoboth.

The public is encouraged to forward questions and/or concerns which they would like addressed by the representatives from Algonquin Gas in writing to the Board of Selectmen’s Office, Town of Rehoboth, 148 Peck Street, Rehoboth, MA 02769 prior to September 26, 2016 and to attend this public meeting. The public will not be able to direct questions directly to the panel, but may submit additional questions in writing at the time of the meeting. Please feel free to contact the Selectmen’s Office at 508-252-3758 if you have any questions.

7:00 PM
Rehoboth Senior Center
55 Bay State Road
Rehoboth, MA

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