Simon Peter said to them, ‘I am going fishing.’ They said to him, ‘We will go with you.’
 ~John 21:3

From Cape Cod to the Berkshires and everywhere in-between, we share with you the joy of Advent and the in-breaking of God’s love!

Across Massachusetts, we see faithful churches of every tradition finding new ways to share Christ’s transformational love with the weary world around them. You do not do this work of adaptation alone.  We go with you. 

In John 21, the disciples stay up all night fishing, with no result. Jesus notices, from the shore, that their nets are empty, and urges them to move their nets to the other side of the boat. 
They must adapt.

We are adapting too. The Massachusetts Council of Churches is intentionally and strategically adapting to our changing context, all the while holding fast to our mission to make the vibrant Church visible.  We are modernizing our governance structures and reorganizing our staff. And we’re moving our office in 2017! We need your prayers and your financial support to serve you and the whole Church.

When the disciples move their net to the other side of the boat, they find abundance. They bring in so many fish that their net is full:153 in total!

The Massachusetts Council of Churches is a network of individuals, congregations, and denominations convinced that what binds us together in Jesus Christ is stronger than anything that might divide us.  We need you to fully be the common Christian witness our Lord longs for!

When you are connected to the Massachusetts Council of Churches, you have access to resources and skills that strengthen your Christian witness in your city or town. Spiritual caregivers across the Commonwealth have been trained in our “Spirituality and Addiction” programs. Thirty emerging Christian leaders cultivated new skills and a mindset of abundance through our partnership with Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School. And in the year to come, we’re partnering with the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving to help your church become better at fundraising.

When you are connected to the Massachusetts Council of Churches, you have a stronger voice on Beacon Hill and in our public life. Because of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, your church was able to participate in the amicus brief and media campaign to prevent unreasonable taxation of religious property. Because of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, your church is far more visible in the media. Whether in the pages of the Boston Globe or on Facebook, the Massachusetts Council of Churches is a credible source for stories of the vibrant, visible, and unified Church.

When you are connected to the Massachusetts Council of Churches, you are connected to the wide, diverse parts of the Church. This year, we gathered with the Melkite Christians in Worcester as they asked “Will the Cradle of Christianity be without Christians?" and African Methodist Episcopal Christians as they marked 200 years since the founding of their denomination.  In the days after the election, we joined with the Interfaith Council of Western Massachusetts as Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Springfield reaffirmed our need of one another.  From denominational gatherings to local congregations, the Massachusetts Council of Churches is a visible sign that we are more than just our denominations, but a wider network of Christians dedicated to a thriving Church.

While teaching a group of pastors in Western Massachusetts about balancing tradition and innovation, one responded, “Rev. Laura, when you teach, I actually believe we can do this!”

This Advent, we joyfully receive your end-of-year gift.  And as we adjust our nets and seek to follow Jesus’ lead, we can perceive the abundance all around us.  This Advent, we want to add 153 new monthly donors—at a level that each can afford.

At every staff meeting this year, we’ve been reading the post-resurrection appearance in John 21.  The disciples find no fish on their own. But by listening to Jesus and turning towards abundance, together they find 153 fish when they thought there were none. We know that are 153 people out there who believe we can do this together.  We’re asking you to go with us into the future of building and sustaining a vibrant expression of Christian unity. Please give boldly to make the vibrant Church visible.

With hope,

Rev. Laura

P.S.: Set up your recurring donation, starting at $5 a month via our website:!  You can also set up a monthly check to come directly to our office through your own bank.  Check with your bank for more information.
Join us for an Advent Open House!

Thursday, December 8, 5:00-8:30 PM
14 Beacon Street, Suite 416, Boston, MA 02108

Friends, you are invited to come to our office so that we can be together for one more Advent Open House in our space at 14 Beacon Street. We will likely move before Advent of next year, and would savor the opportunity to gather this community into our space, as we await the advent of the Prince of Peace. We'll have food, beverages, and good conversation. All are welcome! Drop in when you can and stay as long (or short) as you'd like.  An RSVP (via facebook or emailing Rev. Meagan) is appreciated but not necessary.      |     (617) 523-2771