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Dog Daycare: Focusing on each dog's
individual social needs

posted February 7, 2020
Dear Scampers family -

Doggy daycare fills the mind with images of happy, romping pooches, a bit of barking, some chase games, and lots of general good fun. And, that is largely what occurs at Scampers.

For younger puppies, adolescent dogs, and high-energy dogs, Scampers provides a wonderful opportunity to socialize and spend that energy. Puppies learn about things like bite inhibition, giving and receiving social cues and generally being able to blow off some steam. Consider though that different dogs have different responses to such a chaotic environment.

More mature dogs may not have as much steam to blow off and they may not enjoy the energy of the more exuberant pooches. Some dogs can essentially “age out” of daycare over time, and frequent exposure to large groups can become less entertaining. What was once great fun isn’t so much anymore. Compare it to children who once loved their visits to Chucky Cheese discovering when they reach their teen years that they don’t actually want to go there every day. Once or twice weekly party time is plenty for them! And even the most senior dog will crave social time with other pooches from time to time, just maybe not all day, every day.

In addition to variables like age, breed, energy level, and overall health, consider also any stresses from home. Have you been packing for a business trip? Moving? Preparing new family member? These are the kinds of things that can factor significantly into how a comfortable a dog will be at Scampers, whether on any specific day or long term.

Also, while dog daycare can be a terrific solution for dogs with separation anxiety who can’t be left alone at home, for others, the energy level may be even less desirable than being at home alone. Why is that? No one really knows, but it is important to follow the cues from your own dog should anxiety be an issue. On the flip side, some dogs arrive exhibiting a certain amount of nervousness and trepidation but once they are in the play zones and meet up with their pooch friends, they become lean, keen, romping machines!

There are so many different personalities and each one is special. We’re happy to say that most of our campers thrive at Scampers whether we see them very frequently or only sporadically. And, while we would love to be every dog’s favorite place in the world, we can’t always be exactly that. We’ll always do our best to help find the best answer for each dog we meet.
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