Happy Daffodil Weekend!
It's that time again! Deck out the car! Dress up the dog! Gather the picnic supplies and all the yellow items of clothing in your house.  We are ready for a great weekend celebration of spring and the official kick off of Nantucket's tourist season. Head to the Farm for all of your Daffy provisioning, planting, and decorating needs!
Happy Daffodil Weekend!
The 45th Community Annual Daffodil Show approved by the American Daffodil Society will be held at Bartlett’s Farm in the Garden Center!

There are entry classes for
 flower arrangements
and photography

The Show is approved by the American Daffodil Society, Inc. Exhibitors may bring their entries on Friday, April 26 from noon to 6 pm and Saturday, April 27 from 7 to 9:30 am. NO late entries will be accepted. The Show closes from 9:30 am to 2 pm for judging.
The Daffodil Show is open free of charge!

 There is a free shuttle bus from Washington St on Saturday only during show hours!
Your Daffodil Picnic Headquarters
Artisanal cheeses, beautiful prepared salads & freshly made, picnic-ready sandwiches. Artisan drink mixers, gourmet crackers, dips and spreads.
Oh, and sweets! Mustn't forget the sweets...
Pre-made sandwiches, desserts, and salads are freshly made and ready to hit the road for your al fresco feast!
Need to round out your Daffy picnic? 
We've got the best linens, napkins and favors in all shades of
 Daffy yellow. 
Coming up for the weekend and want to make sure you have a daffodil shirt for the festivities? We are also offering our daffy shirts for  pick-up at the farm.  Pre-order your shirt on our website and come to the island knowing you’ll have the perfect thing to wear in the size you need.  Stop by the farm before the parade, drop off your daffodil entry for the show, pickup your shirt, find some yummy tidbits for your picnic, and you’ll be Daffy ready!
Fresh baguettes, our famous Lobster Salad, cheeses from around the globe, & high quality sandwich ingredients are the keys to a successful Daffodil day picnic! Need more options? Check out our extensive Catering Menu here
Daffy Wine Picks for the Weekend!
The Daffodil Parade & Tailgate is all
about food, fun and portability!
Check out our wine picks for
 picnicking smart and in style
For the Picky Rosé Drinker-
Scribe Winery- Una Lou California Rosé
When Andrew Mariani and his wife, Lia Ices, welcomed their daughter, Una Lou, into the world they created a celebratory rosé in her name. Made from organically farmed Pinot Noir from a few vineyards across Carneros, this rose has aroma and flavors of strawberries and citrus, with hints of salinity. Pair with creamy, bloomy rind cheeses, cold cuts & salads. A percentage of proceeds will go to two organizations that support youth, food and agricultural education: the Edible Schoolyard, and The Center for Land-Based Learning.
For a Crowd-
When Jenny & Francois made “From the Tank®” , they were determined to source the highest possible quality grapes, grown organically or sustainably and hand-harvested, made only with indigenous yeasts and lightly sulfured, just like all the other wines they work with.  Refreshing notes of strawberries, grapefruit, lean acidity and refreshing citrus. Note that perfect shade of "Provençal pink"!
Something a little different!
Graft "Field & Flowers" Gosé Cider
We would like to introduce you to the absurdly delicious all day Gosé cider from Graft brewed with rose hips, hibiscus, rooibos & pink sea salt.  The ultimate spring sipper! You won't want to share, so make sure to buy enough!
 Garden Center "Growings" On
The ever fabulous Japanese Maples have arrived and are looking some fetching! Almost all the trees have a mature height of under 12 feet, perfect for Nantucket winds as they will stay shorter than most fences and hedgerows. Along with the Maples, we have all sorts of dwarf, slow-growing evergreens have arrived as well. With delightful names like “Butter Ball” “White Pygmy” and “Mr. Bowling Ball” they are worth a look!
It's absolutely spectacular out in the Garden Center with new arrivals of spring tulips, hyacinths, azaleas, hydrangeas, lilies and more...
What's Cooking? New Saturday Dominican Dinner Specials!
New Saturday Night
Dominican Dinner Special! Rotates Weekly
Pierna de Cerdo Asada- Roasted Pork Shoulder, served with a side of Rice & Peas, & a small side salad
 $12.99 each
Available for purchase at 4 pm until 6 pm!
We Made the Paper...Twice!
"There's a real need for alternative energy on the island so we're not putting in a third cable to the mainland"- John Bartlett, quoted in last Thursday's paper
Both John Bartlett & Andrew Spollett were in the Inky this week for their work with solar power and hydroponic farming! Be sure to snag a copy before tomorrow morning to read the whole articles! 

"The benefit of growing hydroponically is a shortened crop cycle. These can grow a lot quicker because they are getting the exact nutrients they need, which is different from growing in soil."- Andrew Spollett, Vegetable Production Manager
New Fresh Catch Hours
Fresh Catch Has New Hours!

Wednesday through Sunday
9 AM-6 PM
Stop the Receipt! Get them emailed instead!
Are you a friend of the farm? Email Lauren@bartlettsfarm.com to switch to emailed receipts! Bring her your clean, folded brown bags! We will happily take them! 
We're Hiring
We are in search of a Cooler Stocker to start now and work through Columbus Day

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