Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter
June/July 2017
What's been going on since you last heard from us?
Summer is here!! We are now up to 129 employees with people from all over the world including Brazil, Paraguay, France, Zimbabwe, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Columbia, Jamaica, Ecuador, Honduras, Ireland, Scotland, England, Serbia, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia and Poland to name a few!  Click here to see the 2017 Employee Directory to date!   The new Garden Center space is full of plants and you can see the difference it makes in the "Wow Factor" in the before and after pics.     
The Ice Cream Stand is also up and running and is now a popular stop for everyone as we've added some fencing and more picnic tables.  Be sure to stop by and see Allison for a Salted Caramel Ice Cream cone (it's even better in between two Farm-Made Snickerdoodles!)
 Last weekend was the Strawberry Festival, which was a big hit despite an overcast day and the fact that our strawberries suffered terribly in the grey and rainy spring.  Unlike last year, when we were able to offer Pick Your Own strawberries for weeks on end, we only had one weekend where they were available to the public.  We are hoping that we are now past "Junuary" and we have had some great sunny days to ripen tomatoes and bring in the summer squash. 
Truman Peterson made a great walking Strawberry!  We had a tent this year thanks to the Blush Bash happening the next day.
The "Strawberry Jam Band" added some great energy to the day.  Tie dying T-shirts was also a big hit.  
Ok, this is just a great picture of my kid picking strawberries, but it fits the theme! 
Lauren Keereweer was promoted to Assistant Customer Service Manager
Aoife Kenneally was promoted to Cashier Supervisor
Nicola Kenneally was promoted to Cashier Supervisor
Shaniel Waisome was promoted to Cashier Supervisor
Micheal Hegarty was promoted to Stocker Supervisor
Truman Peterson was promoted to Stocker Supervisor
Congratulations to all of you and thank you for leading by example and
demonstrating leadership skills! 
Farmily Events 
Bingo Potluck was back by popular demand and the big winners were (L-R)  Hendra, Rio (kneeling), Diego, Ed, Roxanne, Laura, Anne, Rachel and Javier.  Whitney did a great job as bingo caller!
Summer Kick-Off Pizza Party
Team Bartlett's Farm Ran in the Firecracker 5K on Saturday.  If you are interested in doing any of the other runs this summer, get in touch with Mj.  GO TEAM! 

Photo Contest!!

We need your pictures!! 
We know our employees are creative and take great photos,
and we want you to share!
If you have taken any fun, cool or artistic photos of
Staff, the Farm, the Island or the Sunset,
please send them to with the subject line
"Photo Contest". If you have several photos, please send them only one or 2 at a time if they are large. You may also use Dropbox.
A panel will judge the top 3 pictures in each category and prizes will be awarded at the End-of-Summer Party and will be seen at the slide show at the same event. They may also be used at the registers, in the Farm Dirt, Instagram and Facebook if appropriate. Photo credits given where possible. We love to see the Farm through your lens! Send pictures by August 10th.

In the meantime, we are also always looking for good pictures for social media.  If you take a picture you think represent the Farm well,
text it to Lucie at 571-232-0080
and she can upload it to our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Feel free to tag the farm #bartlettsfarm in any great pictures you post yourself! 

There's a whole Island out there.....
It is now July and you've seen just how busy the farm can get!   This also means that there will be lots of fun cool activities and events happening that you should check out!

Don't miss the 4th of July fireworks, which are actually taking place on the 3rd of July- Tonight!!   These can be see from anywhere on the North Shore, but the main crowd will gather at Jetties and Steps Beach.  If you are lucky enough to have the actual 4th off, you might want to venture downtown to Main Street, which will be closed off for a variety of activities culminating a giant water fight.  Don't forget your water pistol! For a full list of activities, look here. 

I get a lot of my Island news by subscribing to Mahon About Town's newsletter.  It comes out a couple of times a week and is a great way to find out about special events and island happenings, weekend events and even what's showing at the movies! 


On August 12th, the Boston Pops Orchestra comes to Nantucket for an amazing concert at Jetties Beach. You may think "orchestra music...meh" but these concerts really rock out, plus it's a huge beach party with thousands of people! How fun is that? This year the guest is the Beach Boys!   In addition, the fireworks at the end of the show are better than the 4th of July and you get to see them paired with Patriotic music and lots of glow sticks. Tickets are $30, but unless you get there very early, you'll likely be sitting at the water's edge.

A great way to see the concert for free (and not be stuck in the water at high tide) is to Volunteer. They need 250 volunteers at each summer’s Boston Pops on Nantucket! If you’re interested in getting involved (plus a free ticket and concert t-shirt) register online today. It's great fun to do with a bunch of friends and it supports our only healthcare facility on island.  August may seem far away, but if you want to volunteer, best to reach out sooner rather than later! 

Where in the World is the Farmily?
David Shepard's Year 1 Update from Nepal

Hellllllo Farmily!

It's been awhile since we sent our last update and so much has changed. I can't believe we are over halfway done with our service!

I thought I would share some highlights from the first year.

Mushroom Trainings

We started out growing some oyster mushrooms for our own personal consumption. We used locally available resources for substrates to see which would do the best. Rice straw, dried mustard seed pods, and brown guava leaves were attempted in several combinations. On request we shared our findings with the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) and the Peace Corps. Leaves did the worst, tending to mold in moist conditions, while the straw and seed pods did the best.

As soon as the first caps started to appear in our kitchen word got out and all of a sudden everyone and their mothers wanted mushroom trainings. We ended the season with over 75 people trained and with more than 20 households growing a new crop. We plan to continue this work after monsoon season.



Together with the other 6 Arghkhanchi District volunteers Rachel and I helped to organize a leadership, agriculture, and entrepreneurship camp for 30 Nepali youth from 5 different schools. We focused on kids soon to graduate from high school (grade 9 and 10 in Nepal) who soon had to decide on their next steps. Many young people wind up going abroad for work after high school. The purpose of the camp was to help foster in-country connections and show the kids opportunities at home. The participants returned to their respective schools and formed youth clubs to pass on some of what they learned to their peers. The camp was grant funded and we brought in a variety of guest speakers to hold the trainings in the Nepali language.

HASERA Farms Permagarden Training
Rachel and I once again joined forces with some other Arghakhanchi volunteers to write a grant to bring village farmers to HASERA Farms near Kathmandu for a 5 day permagardening course. Many topics were covered including compost, organic pest management, water conservation, nursery beds, tree planting and propagation, companion planting, livestock management, and more.
12 farmers from 3 different villages in our district attended. They all signed contracts agreeing to train at least 5 of their neighbors on at least 3 of the new techniques learned. With this we hope to create a permagardening ripple effect throughout our area.
We also budgeted to provide the participants with seeds and fruit tree sapli
ngs and have scheduled follow up visits. HASERA Farms personell will make the long trek to Arghakhanchi to observe the home gardens of the participants and critique their progress. One visit is scheduled for 6 months and another 11 months post training. This will also give the village farmers opportunities to ask any questions that arise.

The English Boarding School
Every Thursday Rachel and I head to the English Boarding School that our host nephew attends. It has been rewarding to work with younger kids (nursery through class 5) and the staff give us free reign to teach what we like.
So far we have taught geography and music lessons, self-identity projects to help foster creativity, as well as english conversation practice. We also started and maintain a pen pal project between class 5 in nepal and the ELS class on nantucket and between class 4 in nepal and class 4 in Cazenovia, NY (my hometown).
The kids are always happy to see us and call us Uncle and Auntie.

Demonstration Garden

We built our first small kitchen garden in the first few weeks at site. During the recent dry season we had some of the only vegetables in town which we gladly shared with the villagers. From this garden we grew several American varieties and have distributed seedlings to neighbors and friends. We have had success with both kale and beets, both new to our area.

Due to this success our host family has given us a much bigger plot of land for the upcoming season. We have been hard at work the past couple of weeks to get this ready for the coming rains. We are trying several different styles of beds side by side and will compare the results. I am most excited to see how the hugelculture bed does.

Rachel and I also helped to train the new group of volunteers (the N204s) in some of these techniqies in the permaculture week of their preservice training.

Note the Bartlett's Gear! 

Gender And Development Committee

I have been putting my excel experience to good use working with this committee! Recently, I completed an extensive, searchable list of Nepal based NGOs that work with womens and childrens issues in Nepal. It is my hope that current and future volunteers will use this document to connect people in need with those who can provide support.

I have also created a lesson plan that will help volunteers teach children to be aware of gender discrimination in Nepal.

Those have been our main activities this past year, though we have also helped with a couple drip irrigation trainings organised by our friend Netra (a local progressive farmer). We also help out with random agriculture questions that farmers come to us with.

This coming year we hope to organize a second grow camp, distribute more mushrooms and fruit trees, as well as write a grant to bring modern bee boxes to village as an income generation project.

We are currently in Kathmandu for our mid service training. The last day is tomorrow and afterwards we are taking some much needed annual leave to go explore Thailand and Cambodia. I am really looking forward to swimming in the ocean again! It's been far too long!

Hope all is well at the farm and on the island. I think of you guys often and am looking forward to being reunited with all our friends in just under a years time.




Congratulations and Best Wishes to Emily Hennelly and JB McCollum who married in May.  Emily worked for the Farm in 2011 and now runs her own organic farm, Anythyme Farm in Mendham, NJ. You can learn more about the what she's up to and see a great short video here. 

We are so happy for you for so many reasons! 


Even's Cajuste and his wife welcomed a new baby son,  on May 22nd and are now blessed with a boy and a girl, 
Jeremiah Evens Jr and
Sarah Eve Mirly.

Thank you all for your help in the training while I was at Bartlett Farm. Your generosity and appreciation made me feel valued and not defined by my aptitude to work anywhere. You gave me a lot of responsibilities which built my character and strong organizational skills which helped me to overcome my challenges. Thank you so much for the good word of references. I have a job and I am currently exploring a master's degree at UMASS in Plant and Soil Science. Your impact on my career has influenced me to continue with my education. 

All the training and direction I have received fills me with confidence and makes me excited about the future. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I really appreciate your guidance, and the time you shared with me to make this training smooth and positive.

Best Regards, Even's

Farmily Reunions! 

Mark Deegan came for a visit from Ireland earlier in the season.  It's always fun to see our old friends!
Let us know what you are up to!  Pictures, articles and updates are always welcome from current and alumni Farmily members.  Email