New Year Salutations
--FNAME-- , Happy New Year from The Flaming Ice Cube!  We want to extend to you our warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.  The new year brings with it a chance for us to embrace change.  Maybe a chance to learn a new skill.  Possibly a chance for a healthier lifestyle.  We want you to look to us to put your feet on the path, or contribute whatever we can to help.  Our company motto is truly our commitment to you, our guest, and the world at large:  Peace and Deliciousness.
The Flaming Ice Cube Bistro
Vegan dining:  eat here or take out 
Whether you're new to Vegan eating, or you're looking for variety to your Vegan lifestyle, look no further for inspiration than our extensive Vegan menu.  Take time out to dine with us, or take home any of our menu items.  It is our pleasure to be your local Vegan eatery.  And, if you are taking on a new lifestyle, and need more information to move forward, we offer these books to guide you.
Sterling Silver Sale
50% off all our sterling silver jewelry 

We are currently offering a sale on all of our sterling silver pieces in the store.  This includes a wide selection of stone pendants, earrings and rings.  If you're looking to certain stones for their exclusive benefits, stop in and see what we have to offer.  We have Labradorite for creating change, Amethyst for calming, Tigers Eye for boosting the powers of other stones and Lapis Lazuli for protection, along with many others.  If you've been reading about the power of stones and crystals, and have been thinking about purchasing one, there is no better time than now!
Time for You
Last Building Blocks class until August

Time for yourself may be on your list of things to change for the new year.  If it's not, consider this:  In this class you will be learning a new knitting skill every month, and, it is scientifically shown that knitting is equivalent to meditation.  This is an all around benefit for you.  This class is invaluable when it comes to the knowledge you gain.  At the end of the 13 months you have a base of knowledge it takes knitters years to acquire, and the friendships formed through these classes last past the classroom too.
The next class begins Monday January 15 at 6:30.  This class is not on our schedule again until August.  Don't put yourself off!
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