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We are very pleased to announce the Opening Date for our new Scampers Daycamp for Dogs at Bellevue:

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Our final inspections have been completed and we have passed with flying colors. We are ready to serve you!
When we first saw the building that would become Scampers Bellevue, we could see even through all the grime that it would be the perfect building for our second facility.
While actually smaller than our Kirkland shop, the building has so much more usable room for play areas.

With three huge garage doors, it's the perfect configuration for year-'round indoor-outdoor play.
This is our middle section - the biggest of the three, and when that huge garage door is open, the space is even bigger!
We used the same white vinyl fencing to create our separate play zones. Durable and bright and fresh, and very easy to keep clean.
Here's the view of our play areas as seen by our neighbors - we've used extra high fences so nobody will be tempted to look over the top and get the party all riled up.
The elements may be in different places, but the furnishings, flooring and fittings will look and feel familiar to those of our Kirkland clientele who are planning to use Scampers Bellevue, and even more important, to their pooches. They'll also see a several familiar faces, as some of our wranglers will relocate or work some of their shifts at the Bellevue shop.
New Client? Enroll your pooch today!
The evaluation process is comprised of two components – the first portion is a Meet & Greet appointment with a Scampers representative who evaluates your dog’s ability to tolerate physical handling (mouth, ears, paws, tail) by a stranger without biting or snapping at the handler.

The second portion of the Enrollment Process is a day (or a half day, minimum) participating with one of the playgroups. This allows us to evaluate your dog’s comfort level and suitability for daycare.

At the end of your dog’s day with Scampers, we will provide you with a detailed description of your dog’s experience, and any concerns or recommendations we have with respect to enrolling for continued participation.

Call or email us to book your Meet & Greet appointment. We are very excited to meet all our new Bellevue neighbors.
Make your reservations
We anticipated that we'll be seeing very quick uptake of our daycare services a Bellevue. Many of our clients indicated they will be moving from Kirkland, and many new clients have been expressing interest. It's important that we're staffed adequately to care for your pooches, so while we won't be "full", we do need to know if you plan to bring your dog in to either of our locations. You can let us know in person, by phone, by email, or through your Gingr account.
Pooch Need a Spruce-Up?
Our outstanding groomer, Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-N-Run Mobile Grooming, has been visiting our Kirkland shop on alternating Tuesdays since we opened in 2010. He brings his mobile grooming studio to our location, and we set up his appointment schedule upon request.

Chris will also visit our Bellevue shop on alternating Tuesdays - those Tuesdays he's not in Kirkland. His first visit to our Bellevue shop will be March 21st.

As we ramp up our activities in Bellevue, Chris' schedule will fill up very quickly, so make sure to get your requests in if you'd like your pooch to have an appointment with Chris.
Thank You!
We are grateful to our contractor, The Wall Doctor, and all of their subcontractors, architect Sven Larsson, Economy Fence, the City of Bellevue, and the King County Board of Health, for making sure our facility is the best it can possibly be, so that we can serve you and your pooches in the manner you deserve.

A special thank you also to Stina and Jake, who have been working hard to finish off all the work that was outside the scope of the contractor: deep cleaning, painting, flooring, caulking, and trimming out all the dog-daycare specific elements.

We also thank all our Kirkland wranglers who have worked extra hard, even without their illustrious Operations Manager, keeping Scampers Kirkland running smoothly.
Scampers daycare hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, and our weekend and holiday daycare hours are by appointment only,  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
In the case of an emergency, we are able to make the accommodation for boarding or for extended stay. Please call us, though, to advise.
We look forward to serving you at the Scampers of your choice,

Very best regards,
Linda Olsen and Stina Hughes 
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