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Gene Costanza  "Finding Peace"  20x24  Oil on Mounted Linen
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Christine Lashley studied as a teen in Paris at the Parsons Art Institute and the Sorbonne, continuing on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. Christine’s paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, winning many First Place awards for both landscape and figurative work. In the past few years she has won numerous honors at Plein Air events, including the 2018 Best Light in the Landscape Award at Olmsted Plein Air Invitational, and 2017 Quick Draw First Place at both Richmond Plein Air and Bucks County Plein Air. She has won multiple awards at several Oil Painter's of America (OPA) juried shows including Best Landscape at the 27th OPA National (2018). Her work has been published in North Light Books, American Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air Magazine, and the Washington Post. Christine's art was the cover of Plein Air Magazine's Oct./Nov. issue, 2018, with a feature article on her work.
| "Rising Mist" |  8x10  Oil on Panel
| "Clouds in Afternoon" |  14x18  Oil on Canvas
| "For Love of the Land" |  16x20  Oil on Canvas
As a contemporary impressionist painter and lifelong nature enthusiast, Christine Lashley gathers most of her ideas by painting outdoors. The art she creates on location or in the studio is about time spent in nature and the beauty of a moment held in memory. Light patterns inspire her, but she conveys more in her art besides the literal realism of sun and shadow. Her paintings often fuse reality and the abstract, using color and texture to look ‘real’ from afar but dissolve into abstraction up close. The painting’s final paint layers (with thick brush marks, scraping and glazes) give the art a three-dimensional aspect to the surface, evoking the multi-dimensional layers seen in the natural world. The result is a strong sense of place and mood that transcends the individual elements on the canvas.
| "First Blush Estuary" |  24x36  Oil on Canvas
| "Valley Layers" |  8x10  Oil on Panel
Holiday Gift Ideas!

Andrew Madvin  | "Amethyst Thorn Vessel" | 9"  Glass 
(more colors and sizes available)
Andrew Madvin  | "Emerald Thorn Vessel" |  7"  Glass
(more colors and sizes available)
Len Miserek  | "Low Country Glimmer" 8x10  Oil on Panel
Len Miserek  | "Ocean View" |  
5x7  Oil on Panel
Kirk Larsen | "Church Street Morning" |  12x16  Oil on Panel
Guy Morrow  | "St. Phillips" 
9x12  Oil on Panel
Guy Morrow  | "Shell Beach" |  7x12  Oil on Panel
Recent Arrivals

'7 April' / 40"x 34" / Oil on Canvas
'16 January' / 30"x 26"/ Oil on Canvas 

'Fundamental Thing' / 15.75" x 19.75" / Oil on Linen
'Crayola No. 8' / 16" x 16" / Oil on Canvas
Geoffrey Johnson  | "9 Horses" |  14x23  Oil on Board
Larry Preston  | "Sunflowers in Round Vase" |  12x12  Oil on Panel
Sara Linda Poly  | "Fire & Ice" |  12x12  Oil on Panel
Sydney Bella Sparrow  | "Asiatic Lily" |  
17x12  Oil on Panel
Joseph Zbukvic  | "Fog on the Venetian Canal" |  14x10  Watercolor on Paper
Trish Coonrod  | "Stone Fruit & Blueberries" |  12x16  Oil on Aluminum
Stephen Early  | "Searching for Pockets of Humanity No. 2" |  12x12  Oil on Linen
Brian Martin  | "Following" |  15x16  Oil on Panel

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