August 17, 2018​​​​​​​
We Are You!
Beth Miriam is a Reform synagogue and is a temple brimming with tradition as well as creativity. We are an egalitarian community where traditional families, LGBTQ people, interfaith families and partners, singles, Jews-by-Choice and anyone interested in finding a sanctuary will be welcome.
This Week's Torah Portion: Shoftim
Parashat HaShavuah

  • Laws regarding both sacred and secular legislation are addressed. The Israelites are told that in every dealing they should pursue justice in order to merit the land that God is giving them. (16:18–18:8)

  • The people are warned to avoid sorcery and witchcraft, the abhorrent practices of their idolatrous neighbors. (18:9–22)

  • God tells them that should an Israelite unintentionally kill another, he may take sanctuary in any of three designated cities of refuge. (19:1–13)
Laws to be followed during times of peace and times of war are set forth. (19:14–21:9)

You are invited to A Family Sukkot!
September 22nd
628 Little Silver Point Road
Little Silver, NJ 07739

Crafts to decorate the Sukkah!
Food and adult beverages!
Rabbi Cy and Cantor Marnie will be there to teach about the lulav!
Want to camp out all night?  You can!

Call Kara Zapacosta at 917-831-6785 to 
RSVP by September 3
Everyone is welcome
Let Kara know you are coming
A schmooze before Shabbat
Everyone welcome
August 17

Join us this Friday for some wine and cheese before services on August 17.  Everyone is welcome at 6 PM and service is at 6:30 PM

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The Days of Awe are on their way and we are working diligently to make them beautiful and meaningful for you.

You can keep up with all the Days of Awe news at Beth Miriam at the temple website page for the Days of Awe.

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