December 2016 Newsletter
"She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”  Matthew 1:21

We are so excited about celebrating Christmas – the birth of Jesus – this month.  And our prayer for you is that you have a Christ-filled Christmas, with Jesus on your mind all through December and into the New Year!  We hope that you can be a light to someone who may not know what Christmas really means and that you’ll pray for your family members, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors and all of the people in Hollywood who touch you in some way through the movies and TV shows you’re watching and the music you’re listening to this season!  Here are some ways to pray…

The true meaning of Christmas
Praise God that you know Him and that you can celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.  We have so much to Praise God for – just knowing Him is the greatest gift.  Take a moment to praise Him for His miraculous birth, death, resurrection and for His Christmas gift to us of eternal life!

Keep praying for Laurie Singer
“Thank you so much for putting me in this last newsletter... I am praising the Lord because I met with a neurosurgeon, and he found some serious issues in my MRI/X-ray that were overlooked by the orthopedic surgeon... Last week I had an urgent surgery for 2 cervical fusions! It could have been very serious injuries if I continued without these surgeries (possible paralysis) I'm thanking God that he was able to catch these injuries now, even though the orthopedic surgeon misdiagnosed me! Would you please keep me in your prayers for this surgery?’  -Laurie 


Grant Tinker, 90, dies
HPN wants to honor an amazing man who has produced hundreds of hours of great television, Grant Tinker, who passed away last week at the age of 90.  Most famous for running NBC and producing “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” Grant was known for supporting the writers, protecting the creative team and treating everyone with respect and dignity.  His three sons all went into the industry and his son John is a friend and part of our HPN community.  Would you pray for John’s family, friends and fans as they grieve the loss of this great man! 
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Alan Thicke, 69, dies
The beloved actor, best know for his role as Jason Seaver on the hit 80's sitcom Growing Pains opposite Kurt Cameron, passed away late Tuesday evening. With a career spanning 5 decades, Alan's talent touched the hearts and lives of many. He will be missed greatly. Please join us in praying peace for his wife Tanya, his three son's: Brennan, Carter, and Robin; his friends, and all the fans who are mourning this loss. 
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Continue to pray for Todd Komarnicki
In September, we prayed for writer Todd Komarnicki and his influence on his co-workers as he wrote the film Sully.  NBC Television has just purchased a script for a new One Hour series from Sully Writer and HPN member Todd Komarnicki.  Let’s continue to pray for Todd as he works with the NBC Executives, the production company, cast and crew and for the content of the show.  HPN knows of over 40 writer/directors on TV who are committed Christians and we want to lift them all up in prayer.
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Pray for spiritual impact of Scorsese's film 'Silence'
Watch Trailer HERESilence is a powerful and chilling film to watch, yet one that demands reflection, conversation and even action after watching.  Opening on December 23rd, we want both the audience to be moved a step closer to Jesus and for everyone involved in the film to have experienced God’s love, joy, peace and even salvation.  HPN is excited about this film for it challenges the viewer to ask questions: “Is God silent or is He always listening and responding?”  Do our actions always reflect our heart? Etc…  For insight into Scorsese’s own faith, doubts and struggles... 
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Pray for the Most Powerful & Influential Women in Hollywood
A new list has come out, in support of the women making decisions in Hollywood that impact the world.  Would you pray through this list and ask the Lord to not only use these women to make the world a better place, but to touch their hearts as they influence every viewer across the globe!  And thank the Lord for one of these ladies, Lori McCreary, a great producer, who serves God and everyone around her every single day.
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Pray for superstar singer Barbra Streisand, now 74
As I listen to Christmas Carols, I love some favorites that play every season.  One singer is Barbra Streisand, now 74, who has touched at least two generations of theatre goers, music lovers and movie buffs with her incredible gifts of singing, acting, directing and producing.  Barbra is one of the few people who have won 2 Oscars, an Emmy, a Tony, a Golden Globe and she’s been nominated four times for a Grammy.  The irony is that she has tremendous stage fright.  Would you pray for the Lord to use this season of Barbra's life to seek and find Him. 
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Hollywood Chapter Monthly Meetings
The new HPN Local Chapter: Hollywood, will be kicking off their monthly prayer gatherings! They will meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Hollywood. The first meeting will be on Saturday, January 14th at 5pm! All local industry professionals welcome; contact Merlinda at or Branden at
End of Year Giving
This is the time of year when we ask our praying members to consider giving financially to our ministry.  We don’t ask for donations often, but since so many people give at the end of the year, our prayer is that you may feel the desire to give to the Hollywood Prayer Network.  We are so grateful for both our PRAYING team and our GIVING team and we would love for you to be a part of BOTH! We depend on the donations of all of you to do our work in Hollywood, so every gift, no matter how large or small, makes a tremendous difference!  Would you donate something to HPN this Christmas?  Just click here: or look below for other ways to help support our ministry.  Thank you SO MUCH!

Thank you for praying with us this month. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.  We are thanking God for you this season and hope that you experience His presence every day.

With love,
Karen, Veronica, Megan and Kim

Upcoming Events:

O Little Town Of Bloomington Show
Come see the big live show of the season at HRock Church called O Little Town of Bloomington on December 16th & 17th.  It’s an original musical celebrating Christmas from a unique point of view.  The show is full of talent from our Hollywood Christian community and we hope you can see it live or find it on-line!  Watch featurette HERE. Click HERE for tickets! 

Irish Christmas Celebration
This incredible show is being presented all over the country during this season.  Check it out in your area HERE!  They’ll be at Carnegie Hall on Dec. 20th with their celebration of Carols!

The C Word Documentary
Look out for The C Word, a documentary about the truths of cancer from the blog of a survivor, which opened in Los Angeles on December 9th.   Michael Moore calls it "an all out attack on cancer with smarts and humor..." Check out their IMDB page HERE. Or check out their Facebook page HERE

Israel Missions Trip
The REAL ISRAEL TOUR anticipates a unique tour of Israel designed for first and second time visitors to the Land. The group is limited to two dozen people, with high quality accommodations and transportation. Our tour guide has been called the best in Israel. Join us May 10th - 21st.  For more information contact Robert Wolff at
Click HERE for more info!

Philip Yancey in LA
On Feb. 10th, 2017 Philip Yancey is coming to LA for a rare time of talking about some topics on his heart.  Write down the date and plan on joining us for this evening. For more info, click HERE.

Christmas Baskets
Order a basket of gifts for your co-workers, friends and loved ones! Items individually selected to your specifications and category of gifts. All baskets are designed by an HPN member/industry stylist, giving unique personalized touches. Any size and any price range! Contact Janey Anderson at 310.433.1985.
Community Calendar
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3 Top Books of the Month​: 

“What does it mean to be a creative artist? And how does faith intersect with creativity, entertainment, and the arts? In this collection of essays spanning over a decade in the arts and entertainment industry, Shun Lee Fong explores those very topics with genuineness and vulnerability.” 

“Reflecting on Michelangelo's majestic Pieta, in which Mary gathers the suffering Jesus into her arms, Ken Gire offers seven meditations on a costly discipleship that invites us to take up our cross and follow our Savior―through death to life everlasting...” 

“Phil Cooke, a highly respected media producer and consultant, addresses both the challenges and the opportunities of branding and social media in the 21st century.” 
Tip of the Month
“5 Things I Learned From My First Job in Hollywood”
By Krista Parkinson
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Quote of the Month
“I have often spoken to my congregation on the importance of prayer, especially desiring to stir up the members to pray for me and for the Lord’s work in our church.   Truly, I do not think I have had a more weighty subject or one that weighs more upon my soul. If I were only allowed to offer one request from church members, it would be this:  “Brethren, pray for us.” (2Thes. 3.1) Charles Spurgeon
Verse of the Month
"She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”  Matthew 1:21
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