June 22, 2018
Contact: Roger Wilkins, 603-864-8633

Steve Negron to Rep. Kuster:

"Cancel Your Ticket"

Nashua, NH - Today Steve Negron shared the opinion of one Mexican immigrant family on the crisis at the border, his own. The many subtopics of concern involve the out-of-touch nature of a professional lobbyist-turned-politician racing to the border to get a photo opportunity just in time for the November elections.


“A Member of Congress racing to the Mexican border to observe families being separated by a bureaucracy largely ignored by the Democratic Party is simply public policy malfeasance. One doesn’t need to jaunt to the Mexican border to find enlightenment. You will find the answer in our neighborhoods of Nashua, Manchester, Laconia, Salem, Colebrook, and elsewhere across our great state and our nation. The answer is in our hearts where we all know as Americans that separating children from parents is wrong. The answer evades the political calculus of those in the Democratic Party. Using this as an opportunity to score points by leveraging the sadness, emptiness, and emotional trauma being inflicted upon these children is what stuns America today.


“It’s about time we listened to the people and complete work on comprehensive immigration reform rather than focusing on Washington infighting,” Negron concluded.

Steve Negron is a Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District.