Volume 10, Issue 11
November, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Happy Thanksgiving! All coaches, no matter how well-trained, have moments when they feel lost and need a quick idea. All coaches have times when they know the practice they are running is stale and boring. All coaches who have a CoachDeck in their pockets have an instant source of fun ideas to give their session a pick-me-up!

In this issue:
Tony Earp has great advice for players who may be too passive or intimidated around their coaches. You'll love Brian Gotta's letter to a coach written from one of his players. And Dr. Jim Taylor's second of two parts on how athletes can refocus their minds for maximum performance is a great read.

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Five Questions to Ask Your Coach
By Tony Earp

One of the things all players need to do more is ask questions. I challenge every player I coach to ask questions during training sessions, before, during, or after games, and any other time they are not sure about anything. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where most people, including youth soccer players, do not like to appear like they do not have all the answers already.  Read Article
Dear Coach, I Play On Your Team
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Dear Coach. I am one of the players on your team. I am too young to understand that you volunteer to be my coach and that you are not an expert. I don't know what you do away from the field, I only know you as “Coach”. But I thought maybe it would be good if you knew something about me.:Read Article

How Athletes Can Perform Their Best When it REALLY Counts
By Dr. Jim Taylor

How to Reverse the Spiral? Think less, feel more. The first step in getting back on track involves realizing that thinking more about your performing or putting more effort in won’t work. To the contrary, you actually need to do just the opposite, namely, less thinking, less trying, more feeling, and more letting go.  Read Article​