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January 2019


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  • Carol Burnett: Funny, Humble and Legendary
  • Clutch Cargo and the Talking Heads


Less than a full month into the new year, here’s what we know so far: Uncle Sam is now back in business, at least for a few weeks; the Patriots are in the Super Bowl for a change, this time against the Rams; and winter has reared its nasty head for most of us, thanks to that old favorite—the polar vortex. Thank goodness spring training is just a few weeks away!


With that, we’re pleased to pass along the first Speaker’s Digest for 2019, featuring a story about another old favorite of ours, Carol Burnett, who wowed us earlier this month with a memorable presentation at the Golden Globe Awards when receiving a special lifetime achievement award. We’ve also been following the news quite a bit, and noticing how often on-screen anchors carry on conversations with guests in remote locations, typically shown from the shoulders up. In particular, we have noticed how seldom many of these “talking heads” show any energy or variety in their facial expressions. Read on for more on both Carol and those talking heads.


But wait…EMS needs your assistance. Eliot overheard on the radio the other day that Matt LaFleur, newly hired as the Green Bay Packers head coach, had a presentation coach help him prepare for his interview. So far, we haven’t been able to verify that information, but if any of our readers have the scoop, we’d gladly trade a Chicago hot dog for it. We’ll put up a future blog article about it if we can get the 4-1-1!


Carol Burnett: Funny, Humble and Legendary

At this month’s Golden Globes Award ceremony, the great Carol Burnett received royal star treatment as she accepted a lifetime achievement award that would henceforth be named after her. We loved her acceptance speech, as well as the introduction by Steve Carell, and later the words of Glenn Close as she received her best actress honor.

Clutch Cargo and the Talking Heads

We recently thought of the old Clutch Cargo cartoon, an early static form of animation in which the only thing that moved was the characters’ mouths—literally human mouths that were slapped onto the screen. Clutch came to mind as we watched a bit of cable news, and saw offsite guests—usually in small on-screen boxes—that barely moved a muscle. Those of us who get media opportunities, or more importantly, those of us who participate in meetings via Skype or FaceTime, need to recognize these as presentation opportunities, which require more than just talking in order to be successful.

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