NCSEJ Releases 2017 Annual Report Online
Astana, Kazakhstan
From the report: After meeting with the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Astana, Chairman Daniel Rubin speaks about U.S.-Kazakhstan relations to local TV.

Moscow, Russia

From the report: President Aleksander Smukler talked at an art gallery
opening in Moscow with U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman.

WASHINGTON, D.C.  June 18, 2018

TO: NCSEJ Leadership and Interested Parties
FROM: Daniel Rubin, Chairman;
Alexander Smukler, President;
Mark B. Levin, Executive Vice-Chairman & CEO

Dear Friend,

This year, NCSEJ is publishing its Annual Report exclusively online. For the first time, a synopsis of last year’s activities will be available simultaneously in Kyiv, Moscow, Astana, and New York City.

Publishing our Annual Report online reaches new audiences and makes NCSEJ a more effective advocate in a digital world.

We encourage you to read the report on our web site at, or simply click on the image above to access a full copy of the report.

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Founded in 1971, the National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry represents the organized American Jewish community in monitoring and advocating on behalf of the estimated 1.5 million Jews in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, including the 15 successor states of the former Soviet Union.